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Opinion: NYC Terrorist: Lone Wolf … or Not?  ISIS has created a powerful virtual reality online that supports such individuals  Read
Opinion: NYC Aftermath: To Stop Terrorism, Destroy the Ideology  Security alone, no matter how good, can’t stop every terror attack Read
News: New York Terrorist Left Note Pledging to ISIS  What we know so far from the attack that killed eight  Read
Video: ‘ISIS Stemmed From Muslim Brotherhood Ideology’  A Palestinian-Jordanian historian speaks out Watch
News: Why Would the UK Give Special Benefits to Terror Suspects?  Plans may include rent subsidies and help finding work Read
Readers Write
New York Terrorist Left Note Pledging to ISIS

“They’re using social media and the dark web to radicalize folks. But the media giants are too busy focusing on conservatives with an opinion to see the radicals plotting. It’s classic ‘look over here, ignore the other’ tactics.”


Pile Them On: House Votes New Sanctions on Iran

“All the BS when people say never again, yet we let happen again. Once Hamas gets this power, we can expect a world war because we allow it to happen.  The UN is a useless entity now since they let in all the dictators.”


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