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“It’s their First Amendment rights to protest.”

“There are no rules saying they have to stand.”

“Who is not going to stand for the National Anthem today?”

The sports world is more focused on NFL players during the playing of the National Anthem, than with their actual play. Camera people crowd around them, as well as the television crews with their broadcast of those kneeling, more than the audience, or on field display.

I hear the talk about viewership declining and all the idiotic rhetoric about the reason, yet I do not hear anyone speaking to the AUDIENCE that’s going away, or the fans at the stadiums who are forced to stand there and take it, or spend more money at the concession stands (maybe that’s the real motivation for tolerating this intolerable display of hate for country).

I am also weary with the lame explanations of the NFL team owners who seem to be afraid to disciple their players, while other owners are displaying their genuine patriotism by their stern guidelines for their players to STAND and honor America and all the greatness of our country which that FLAG represents.

Here are some thoughts I have for consideration;

·        Every employer has conduct guidelines for their employees. For example, conversations about religion and/or politics that cause other employees to not do the work they are hired to do, is forbidden. 

NFL Teams also have conduct guidelines that restrict certain activities, especially those that reference how the team is represented. Expressing political protest is indeed a free speech right belonging to all of us. However, you do not have that right WHILE YOU’RE ON THE CLOCK REPRESENTING THE TEAM PAYING YOUR INCOME.  

You want to protest, do so on your own time, away from the team and stadium. 

·        If that is unacceptable, then have those players who insist on protesting stay in the locker room, or the tunnel leading to the field out of the sight of everyone. 

·        TURN THOSE CAMERAS OFF! Maybe, just maybe, the lack of attention will make this whole mess go away.  

Like ignoring a child who throws a tantrum every time they don’t get their way stops the tantrums, perhaps giving them zero air time, or pictures, or any form of recognition might give them no incentive to be so disrespectful.

It’s past time for the NFL owners who are so tolerant to realize they are feeding the problem, not solving it. This won’t just go away. I’m so fed up that I won’t turn the game on until I know the game has started, and I very reluctant to spend my money on any product advertised (and I know I’m not the only one).

I love college football. I am one more demonstration away from never turning on an NFL game again. These players and their owners need to realize that we all have the power to turn them off which effects who will advertise their broadcast.

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