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Despite several stern warnings from the United States, North Korea’s rogue regime fired a nuclear-capable ballistic missile on Aug. 29 over Japan’s Hokkaido province. Experts who analyzed the flight path, distance traveled, and type of missile tested determined North Korea could launch a missile capable of reaching the U.S. territory of Guam. And this wasn’t just a missile test — it was target practice.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the North Korean government admitted as much.

“The current ballistic rocket launching drill like a real war is the first step of the military operation of the KPA [Korean People’s Army] in the Pacific and a meaningful prelude to containing Guam,” the state-run news agency KCNA announced, according to the U.K. Express.

The missile launch flew over Japan and traveled nearly 1,700 miles before crashing into the sea, raising questions about what President Donald Trump will be forced to do next.

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As the U.S. monitors the situation, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the launch.

“We will do our utmost to protect people’s lives,” Abe said. “This reckless act of launching a missile that flies over our country is an unprecedented, serious and important threat.”

U.S. officials believe North Korea likely possess an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching U.S. cities and territories, and could soon be able to launch a nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile.

Trump issued several stern promises to rain down fire and fury on North Korea should they launch an attack on the U.S. or any of its allies. Trump also warned the Hermit Kingdom’s dictator that if he “does something in Guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before — what will happen in North Korea.”

The U.S. carried out a successful ballistic missile defense test Wednesday, making it the second consecutive test in which the Aegis system intercepted a mid-range ballistic missile in the last two months.

The U.S. State Department instituted a ban on U.S. citizens traveling to North Korea, United Nations sanctions have been levied against the rogue regime, and a U.S. missile defense system successfully intercepted a missile during a test, which indicates our military has a high probability of intercepting a missile in the air prior to it hitting any target in the U.S.

Nevertheless, if things continue to progress, it may only be a matter of time before the crazy dictator possesses the ability to fire nuclear weapons toward U.S. territory. We finally have a strong president in office who is unafraid to use the greatest military in the world, which hopefully convinces North Korea to back down.

H/T American Military News

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