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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece praised President Donald Trump Sunday for supporting the civil rights of all people, including the unborn.

“First, I’d like to say that the president, of course, is leading the charge for civil rights today for the little unborn persons in the womb who have a right to live,” Dr. Alveda King said on Fox & Friends.

“I’m director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, and I say that everybody’s civil rights count from the womb to the tomb: the young, the old, the sick, the elderly, the babies in the womb, and everything,” she said.

During the interview, King was asked about comments from Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who called Trump “uncaring” about civil rights.

She responded that she holds Lewis, a veteran of civil rights marches, in “great esteem” but suggested she differed with him on Trump.

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“He’s one of the greatest defenders of non-violent conflict resolution, extending that olive branch,” King said of Lewis. “So everybody in America needs to do some homework and stop playing the race card.”

She said Trump “is certainly fighting for civil rights today and he has surrounded himself with African-American leaders and everyone that is supporting.”

King said that she did not see herself as standing up for the president as much as for the ideals that are integral to American society.

“We don’t have to defend the president,” said King. “I believe President Trump might agree that we are defending America. He’s leading the charge, and we are supporting him.”

King said that Trump has a grasp on the trials that African-Americans have faced in this country.

“Now, at the African-American museum, for example, he was knowledgeable of much of the history of African-Americans,” said King. “And when we stopped and we looked at some of the displays, the little slave manacles and things, he said, ‘this is terrible. You can’t do that to people.’”

She said Trump is surrounding himself with “knowledgeable people,” and praised him for standing up for civil rights as president.

“President Trump himself is a brilliant man. I believe he’s compassionate. If you go and look at all of the executive orders, the things for women and science, for African-American education, for moving into our communities with Dr. Ben Carson at HUD,” she said.

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