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Video: VIDEO: Young ISIS Child Carries Out Gruesome Execution  The child appears to be no more than eight years old.  Watch
News: SWAT Team Arrests Active Duty Soldier in Hawaii  Ikaika Erik Kang, 34, a convert to Islam, is charged with trying to provide classified documents and training to ISIS.  Read
News Analysis: Who Will Replace ISIS’ Caliph When He Goes to Hell?  Whether he is still alive or dead, the group is hurting badly.  Read
News: Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Terror Charges  After being arrested for supporting al-Qaeda, he tried to have the judge in his case killed.  Read
News Analysis: Why You Should Care If Iran Attacks the Kurds  With U.S. support, the Kurds can be a force against Iranian hegemony in the Middle East.  Read
News Analysis: Death Threats for Imam on ‘Road Trip’ Against Terror  Others say they will lose their jobs for participating.  Read
News Analysis: Massive ‘Free Iran’ Rally Calls for Regime Change  Regime change in Iran does not require another bloody conflict in the region  .Read
Readers Write
Video Testimony of an ISIS Fighter

“I hear no guilt. All I hear is regret that his experience with ISIS didn’t turn out the way he had imagined it to be.”

Crime or Culture? Feminists Betray Muslim Women

“Feminists belong to a liberal tradition which seeks to understand other cultures. We are supposed to abandon ‘value judgments’. However, I wonder how many women would choose to be gentially mutilated, veiled in clothes which suffocate them and prevent them from moving freely or seeing the world properly and be subject to the will of a male guardian (husband, father or brother)? Maybe some of the feminists who write in our media might like to trade places with a Muslim woman before they put pen to paper?”


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