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Reported By Andrew West | June 22, 2017

Donald Trump may have been stymied a bit on the start date for construction of his all-too important border wall, but that hasn’t stopped the President from pushing innovation for the project.

The so-called “resistance” to President Trump has caused a bit of a traffic jam in Washington D.C., as leftists and their protégés continue to oppose and deny The Donald in every possible scenario for no other reason than his republican status.  It’s petty and childish, sure, but that has been the way that democrats have operated for years.  The only difference now is the unacceptable ferocity with which these leftist lunatics are opposing him.  Death threats, mock assassinations, shooting at congressmen…It’s enough to slow down any administration for a few months.

Trump, for what it’s worth, has not given up on his campaign promises to the American people in the face of this asinine adversity.  Instead, the President has now revealed a possible solution to finding support for his promised border wall, and, while he’s at it, a little slice of energy independence from foreign sources.

“President Trump is considering building the wall between the U.S.-Mexico border out of solar panels, according to remarks he made in Iowa Wednesday evening.

“‘We are thinking of something that’s unique. The southern border — lots of sun, lots of heat. We are thinking about building a wall as a solar wall. So it creates energy. And pays for itself,’ Trump said to cheers from the crowd at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“‘I think we can make it look beautiful too. It would really look beautiful. That would be nice,’ said Trump.

“Trump quipped that the solar installation would cost Mexico ‘much less money.’”

Trump’s proposal will certainly irk the left, as it calls into question their own opposition to the wall.

Democrats have constantly fought against the idea of large corporate anything, including the global companies that control the world’s oil supplies.  This has turned energy independence and renewable resources into a pet project of the American leftist.  In this case, however, Donald Trump is bridging a gap, across the aisle, in order to compromise.  Trump will get his border wall, protecting Americans from the peril of unchecked human traffic between the U.S. and Mexico and create a bit of energy independence for Americans.  It’s “America First” at its finest, yet it will be difficult mental gymnastics for the left to oppose the idea.

Try as they may, democrats can no longer thoughtfully oppose the border wall should the President incorporate this sort of energy-creating circumstance.  Well played, Prez.

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