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Three Ways to Defeat ISIS on Social Media Clarion’s Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro explains. Watch


ACLU Opposing Anti-FGM Bill The ‘civil rights’ groups says criminalizing FGM is no solution and anyway, jails are too crowded. Read


Smash Extremist Networks to Fight ‘Islamophobia’  Those reticent to fight extremism increase the risk of anti-Muslim bigotry. Read


Obama’s Legacy, a Nuclear Iran? Read this in-depth report about the state of affair with Iran and the nuclear agreement.  In-Depth


Why Does Iran Stamp Out Non-Persian Languages?  Iran is systematically exterminating cultural and linguistic diversity of five of its ethnic groups.   Learn More

Readers Write
Manchester Bombing: Who’s to Blame?

“Actually it’s the British government that is responsible for this and any attack. The government is responsible for protecting the citizens. If the government won’t protect its citizens by stereotyping and checking possible dangerous individuals, it is failing its duty to its citizens. You cannot be politically correct when national security or the lives of innocent people are involved. Every country and its government has the obligation to protect its citizens and those citizens should be the governments first priority.”

Burkini Battle in France Kicks off Summer 2017

“This is actually very interesting… though I’m all for the ban of the burka I feel that women should be able to choose the swimwear that they’re most comfortable in… I’m actually much more offended by the old guys with thong speedos on.:)”


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