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Michigan Doctor Accused of Performing FGM to Claim Freedom of Religion DefenseLawyers will argue the MD is persecuted because of her religion. Learn More


Why Won’t the Washington Post Tell the Truth About FGM?The Post falsely claims FGM is not linked to Islam and is rare in Muslim countries.Learn


EXCLUSIVE: Kurdish General Responds to Building Iranian Proxy ThreatThru its militias in Iraq, Iran hopes its expansionist aspirations will be realized.In-Depth


Burkini Battle in France Kicks off Summer 2017A French-Algerian millionaire businessman and political activist has started the fireworks.Read


Teddy Bears and Hashtags — the Best We can Do About Islamist Terror?We are our own sickness if this is what the West comes up with to fight terror.Read


Manchester Bombing: Who’s to Blame?Salman Abedi was reported to the government, so what happened?Read


Mauro on Fox: Ramadan and TerrorWhy it’s important to broadcast how we are defeating ISIS.Watch

Readers Write
23,000 Potential Jihadis in Britain: MI5

“They tolerated the self segregation and a state within the state as ‘multiculturalism’ and now they are facing the consequences.”

Iran is Now Pro-American? Ask the BBC

“The definition of delusional.”


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