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News: Why Did An FBI Translator Marry an ISIS Rapper? A CNN investigation reveals the shocking affair. Read
News: Cufflink-Jihadist Gets Eight Years for ‘James-Bond-Style’ Device He stored bomb making instructions on a USB-cufflink Read
News Analysis:  Radical Group’s Chicago Conference Attended by 400 Imams and Students Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, a particularly radical Salafist group, cannot be dismissed as fringe. Get Informed
Analysis:  U.S.-Based Jihadi Cult Praises Terror Group The group has training camps across the United States. Learn More
Video:  ISIS’ Latest Horrific Video – As Children Watch Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Watch
News Analysis:  3 Things You Need to Know About Marine Le Pen Le Pen promises to fight a formidable fight against radical Islam in France, but some of her plans are highly controversial. Read
Feature:  Who Killed Saeed Karimian? The CEO of a TV Company critical of the Iranian regime was found dead in Istanbul Investigate
Feature:  Newly-Immigrated Muslim Women Honor Killed in Sweden ‘We came here far from oppression, but some people have difficulty living freely.’ Get Informed
Readers Write

Meet the Counterterror Canines:  “Bless the boots and the paws that step into harms way on our behalf ♡ warriors all”

– A.C.
Boared to Death: ISIS Fighters Trampled in Pig Attack

“GREAT tactic, with high Psyops potential and a built-in GARBAGE DISPOSAL!” – B.H.

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