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Reported By Onan Coca |  April 20, 2017

Palin, Trump, Kid Rock, Nugent Twitter Screengrab

On Wednesday, Sarah Palin was invited to visit and enjoy a good mean with the President at the White House. She was also encouraged to bring a few friends, and that’s just what she did.

Palin brought rockers Ted Nugent and Kid Rock with her to visit the President. The group had dinner, toured the White House, and spent time speaking with the President and his staff. Thankfully they snapped a few photos to remember the evening, and they were kind enough to share them with us all.

Here’s what Palin had to say about the evening on her wesbite:

President Trump’s invitation for dinner included bringing a couple of friends; it was the highest honor to have great Americans who are independent, hardworking, patriotic, and unafraid share commonsense solutions at the White House. (Asked why I invited Kid Rock and Ted Nugent I joked, “Because Jesus was booked.”)

The company was wonderful and dinner was beyond superb, with Baked Alaska for dessert. Thanks to the outstanding White House staff, chefs, Secret Service, and of course the President for making it such a special evening.

palin and trump

It was easy to tell that Ted Nugent was excited to be at the White House, because he wrote this on Facebook:

So today is the 242nd anniversary of The Shot Heard Round The World is it! Well well well looky looky here boogie chillin’, I got your Shot Heard Round The World right here in big ol greazyass Washington DC where your 1 & only MotorCity Madman WhackMaster StrapAssasin1 dined with President Donald J Trump at the WhiteHouse to Make America Great Again! Got that? Glowing all American over the top WE THE PEOPLE gory details coming ASAP!! BRACE!

Fortunately, while I can’t translate exactly what he’s saying, I can show you a picture of Nugent with the President.

Nugent Trump

The crew even took a minute to troll Hillary Clinton by posing with her portrait during their visit.

kid rock, palin, ted nugent

You can see more photos of the fun evening at Sarah Palin’s website.


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