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Alicia Keys Glamorizes Niqab The singer was called out for celebrating a symbol of oppression. Comment Now


Jamaat ul-Fuqra in U.S. Still Active Threat: Federal Source The jihadist cult is on the radar of law enforcement. Learn More

News Analysis

Iran Tried to Strike US Naval Base: Bahrain Although Iran called off a ballistic missile test, its jihad thru proxies continues unabated. Learn the Facts


Update: Suspended for Challenging Radical Islam A Christian college student was banned for challenging his radical Islamist professor. Join Our Campus Campaign


Why Did Pakistan Just Shut Down a Peace Conference? Ensuring that such a conference take place should have been a priority for the government. Read


South Carolina Man Arrested for Trying to Join ISIS He was arrested while on parole from his first conviction for terror-related offences. Read

Readers Write
Alicia Keys Glamorizes Niqab

“How can any intelligent person, man or women, possibly support wanting to bring an ideology that treats women as less than third class humans into this country? I do not care how liberal you want to appear but female genital mutilations, rapes and honor killings are not acceptable in any civilized society. How about throwing gays off of roof tops? Wearing burka’s and hijab should be a clue.”


Drone Video Shows ISIS Using Human Shield

“They have no other use for their own children besides being warriors for jihad.”


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