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Suspended for Challenging Radical Islam A Christian college student was banned for challenging his radical Islamist professor. Join Our Campus Campaign


Whip or Be Whipped ISIS’ cruelty knows no bounds Watch


Jailed for a Painting A young, Turkish artist was sentenced to almost 3 years for a painting of Turkish forces destroying a Kurdish village. Challenge Islamism Now


13 States Ask for Revised Travel Ban The states say Trump’s order is not religious discrimination but rather necessary security. Read

Readers Write
Suspended for Challenging Radical Islam

“Why in the hell are our colleges hiring these radical professors that teach our kids? Does anybody do background checks on these people? Universities appear to be going to hell in a hand basket.”


Why Does Europe Have High Numbers of Jihadis Compared to America?

“They are waiting to pounce, but using Europe as a test to see how far they can go. More bleeding hearts in Europe. God help us in Canada. Trudeau just passed an anti-islamaphobia law that threatens our free speech about Islam.”


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