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waving flag disclaimerAuthored By Warner Todd Huston February 24, 2017


A liberal professor from New York University has about had it with the hate-filled left in America today. Liberals have become so unhinged, the prof says, that they are now proving their critics right and as far as he is concerned, he is done with them all.

NYU cultural studies and literature professor Michael Rectenwald, who calls himself a communist, learned just how unhinged liberals are after he made the choice to go on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News “The Contributing Factor” podcast early this week. As soon as the episode aired he was deluged with venomous hatred from liberals.

The podcast is entitled, “A “Deplorable” Professor on Why Campuses Are So Radical.”

The description of the podcast is as follows:

Campus protests have recently reached a new level of intensity, with riots even breaking out in Berkeley, California earlier this month. Dr. Michael Rectenwald, a clinical professor of liberal studies at New York University, joins the podcast to share his insights on what he sees from the most extreme groups on campus.

Professor Rectenwald gained notoriety when he announced he was the author of a previously anonymous Twitter page called “Deplorable NYU Prof.” Dr. Rectenwald controversially was placed on paid leave at NYU after his revelation. Were his Twitter page and his paid leave related? Professor Rectenwald tells us, and also explains how “social justice warriors” have taken over most campuses.

Rectenwald later Tweeted about his experience on the show…

But as soon as he let folks know of his trip to the O’Reilly show and after the Fox host tweeted out a link to his podcast, the radical left went wild in an effort to destroy the professor.

The attacks were so vicious that even Twitter itself joined in by deleting what the professor called his “most popular” tweet which slammed the left’s vaunted “social justice warriors” (SJWs) for judging people based on their identity instead of their actual ethics.

The prof said that one of his highly viewed tweets suddenly disappeared from Twitter earlier this week.

“It had to be someone within the Twitter administration,” Prof Rectenwald told Fox News. “Instead of calling it social media, they should call it social justice media.”free-speech

After all that and after liberals once again went wild with their spittle-specked attacks, the professor jumped onto his Facebook page to say that he is now officially out of the liberal movement.

I was on the receiving end of a Twitter sh** storm from hell last night, after O’Reilly tweeted my handle and interview, and after I suggested that if Milo Yiannopolous was a liberal, the same people hanging him symbolically now would be defending him zealously.

The result: Twitter Hell on earth.

I don’t want to reproduce the putrid and vile character of this attack, but I will say this: Today’s “Left” is rife with the most obscene, abusive, nasty, spiritually ugly and utterly unethical, hypocritical and fanatically horrible people I’ve ever encountered in my 58 years on earth.

When I was a left-liberal activist and founder of Citizens for Legitimate Government after the first GWB Bush “election,” I routinely received hate email from right-wingers. They were routinely mean-spirited.
But now that I am a critic of the Left, nothing from the past comes close to the kind of personal invective, baseless insults, vilely degrading language and imagery that I was barraged with from these Leftists — and all because I critiqued an IDEOLOGY and its mechanisms, and critiqued the hypocrisy of today’s illiberal leftists.

The Left has utterly and completely lost its way and I no longer want anything to do with it. I include most milieus of Marxism as well, as these have resorted to the same tactics in conjunction with the others.

Good bye to all that. Good bye.point-counterpoint

“They claim they are liberal, but their ideas are illiberal through and through,” the professor told Fox.

This is far from the first time that Professor Rectenwald has drawn the ire of the left. Proving that my oft repeated phrase, “college makes you stupid,” is wholly correct, late last year he got in trouble with his university after posting a humorous Facebook post about a student who was demanding that people accept his “preferred gender” as “Your Majesty.”liberal-leftist-derangement-syndrom

Once NYU discovered it was Rectenwald who posted the story ridiculing the student, the school punished him by taking him out of his position and putting him on leave.

But he also drew the ire of the left by coming to the support of controversial gay libertarian Milo Yiannopoulos. To give you an idea of just what Rectenwald said in support of Milo, one only need turn to the prof’s Twitter feed.

The prof has also spoken up for free speech and against social justice warriors in the university.

Sadly, the way Rectenwald has been treated is typical of the fascist left.

Now, there are two lines of thinking where it concerns today’s unhinged left.

1). their insane actions should be ended because it is dangerous and, well, insane, and,

2). they should keep it up because they are losing more voters by the minute.More Evidence

I am conflicted on this, myself, because it appears to me that no matter how idiotic, how insane, how filled with hate liberals reveal themselves to be, they keep growing, they keep infecting our young people, and they continue to be lent credence by the left-wing media establishment.

Still, maybe number two is right because it seems almost daily that we find another Michael Rectenwald telling the American left that he is done with them.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Warner Todd Huston

Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago-based freelance writer, has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and is featured on many websites such as Andrew Breitbart’s and along with all Breitbart News sites,,, and many, many others. He has been a frequent guest on talk-radio programs across the country to discuss his news stories and current events and has appeared on TV networks such as CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Network, and various Chicago-based news programs. He has also written for several history magazines and appears in the book “Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture” which can be purchased on He is the owner and operator of Follow Warner Todd Huston on Twitter @warnerthuston or email the author at

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