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waving flagAuthored By Michael Ware February 21, 2017

religious freedom cardinal dolan

Like many other Christian values, the idea that Homosexual desireBig Gay Hate Machine and action is sin is going out of vogue. Many in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry have switched their positions. Though just twenty years ago, the standard practice was to treat homosexual behavior as a mental defect, now it is not even legal to treat in some states.

One of those states is Illinois.

A bill was signed into law in 2015 that prohibited the counselor from treating under aged people suffering from this defect. And this caused several pastors concern. These pastors sued wanting to ensure that they would not be prosecuted for doing their jobs.

A judge has finally all but guaranteed that they would not.

Christian News reports

A federal judge appointed to the bench by then-President Bill Clinton has ruled that an Illinois law banning mental health providers from providing help for homosexual youth to overcome temptation does not apply to pastors.

On Thursday, Judge Ronald Guzman dismissed the case, stating that the pastors’ “fears of prosecution are too remote to support standing.” He ruled that the work of clergy—although it involves counseling youth struggling with attraction to the same sex—cannot be considered a “trade or commerce.”

This should protect all clergy in the state who wish to help those suffering from this sin. They will be able to help those in their churches who want to be freed from these enslaving desires.

The ruling is a step forward in the area of freedom of expression and religion. It allows the clergy to deal with the issue as they believe it to be. If they are simply to do nothing while a child is still in development, then it is as if he has to operate in the worldview of the humanist until the child is grown.

Sin, like anything else, is habit forming. If allowed, unchecked to continue in the sinful patterns of our youth, the habit is much harder to break.

This will allow the pastor do the work of ministry.

When tolerance becomes a one way street

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