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Is Afghanistan America’s New Vietnam?Is Afghanistan America’s New Vietnam?

There are still 13,000 U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan, including 10,000 soldiers. The Taliban says it killed 17,500 people in 2016. learn more

Radical Islam Erases History

Radical Islam is erasing your history.  They are burning bibles, smashing churches, and trying to erase Christians and Jews from Jerusalem.  Don’t let them erase your history.



Why Do You Go to Church? Why Does ISIS Go to Church?

When Islamic State took control of a church in Tel Kaif, Iraq, the organization turned the house of worship into a temple of evil.

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Why Do You Go to Church? Why Does ISIS Go to Church?

Muslim World Reacts to President Trump

From Saudi Arabia to Iran and from Egypt to the Palestinian Authority, commentators and officials express some surprising opinions.

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Muslim World Reacts to President Trump

Should the US Leave the UN? Readers Respond

The U.S. is considering a bill to pull out of the United Nations and withdraw all funding. We asked our readers their opinion.

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Should the US Leave the UN? Readers Respond

Tracing Saudi Arabia’s Export of Terror

The French think tank CF2R hosted a conference in Paris that for the first time publicly exposed the House of Saud as bearing direct responsibility.

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Tracing Saudi Arabia's Export of Terror


Teens Fighting With ISIS Captured Teens Fighting With ISIS Captured

Footage taken by the Syrian Democratic Forces shows the capture of three children who had been fighting alongside ISIS. The children tell their captors that they had been coerced into fighting with the terror group.



Linda Sarsour -- Shariah law reasonable

Shariah law is reasonable and once u read into the details it makes a lot of sense. People just know the basics.

– Linda Sarsour
Muslim activist


The King Is Dead – Long Live the King!

Exit Barack H. Obama – enter Donald J. Trump in one of the most important turns in American history.

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The King Is Dead – Long Live the King!


M.L. [Re:’10 Reasons Hamas Should Not Be in Any Government’]: PLO/Fatah, chaired by Abbas are a terrorist organization too, guilty in all the same things as Hamas. The difference is that Hamas is more overt, while the PLO/fFtah wear European suits and say in English what West wants to hear and believe, while in Arabic they are saying the same, as Hamas. Just to milk West for donations.


Z.R.S. [‘Trump Chooses Wrong Imam for Nat’l Prayer Service’]: I don’t think Pres Trump was involved in organizing this event, but I don’t know. I pray that President Trump will have meetings with leaders like Mr. M. Zuhdi Jasser (AIFD) to be most effective to eradicate ISIS. President Trump is very intelligent and I would never underestimate him re: Radical Islam and his decision making.. as hard of a challenge as it may seem to totally eradicate. I hope and pray it will happen.




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