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Chelsea Manning poster / Timothy Krause | Flickr

Manning is a former American intelligence analyst who received a 35-year sentence for acts of treason against the United States. He leaked classified documents detailing American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan – among other sensitive information – that put American lives in danger, betraying his fellow soldiers and his country.

He is a traitor. And President Obama commuted his sentence today.


“Manning is a traitor who pled guilty to a lesser offense to avoid the full penalty for his crimes,” Levin read from French’s piece. “He has received too much mercy already. President Obama’s commutation of his sentence is a disgrace.”

Levin invited liberals to call his program and attempt to defend what Obama did today.

“I want some damn liberal to step up to the plate and either defend what Obama did or for once in their pathetic lives to condemn him!” Levin exclaimed.

Meanwhile, over 50 Democratic politicians are going to skip President-elect Trump’s inauguration, Levin noted, and not a one of them have spoken up about this. President Obama committed an “affirmative act of betrayal by commuting the sentence of a treasonous little son-of-a-gun,” Levin said.

Why won’t any Leftists call him out on it?

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