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1) President Obama “saved us from the Great Recession”

President Obama saved us from the Great Recession? What kind of nonsense is this? Presidents, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, don’t produce jobs or economic productivity; the American people do.

Presidents can advocate for a series of policies which can grease the skids of economic growth, or they can advocate for a series of policies which drop monkey-wrenches into the economic machinery. But they do not produce economic growth; President Obama hasn’t spent one minute in a factory building a car, despite his claims about “saving General Motors.”

Sadly, economic recessions have occurred often throughout American history. Poor fiscal and monetary policies, combined with plain-old bad business decision-making, have produced economic recessions, both deep and shallow, for hundreds of years. Yet, we have recovered from ALL of these recessions. Think about it this way … (you’re still here, correct?): We are still living, despite the ongoing struggles of our economy, at a higher standard of living than our parents, and our parents largely said the same.

So, if we’ve always recovered from recessions, then isn’t HOW we’ve recovered — not IF we’ve recovered — from a recession a more appropriate tool to evaluate the economic record of a president? Using that simple and reasonable measure, how have we recovered from the recession during the Obama years? Unfortunately, this is the worst recovery in modern American history, based on GDP growth numbers.

The magnitude of an economic recession is measured by negative growth, and the corresponding recoveries are measured by positive growth. President Obama is the gold medal award-winner for slow growth. Compounding the Obama economic disaster is the fact that he will likely leave office as the first president in American history to NEVER reach 3 percent GDP growth in any year of his presidency. Now, tell me again how President Obama “saved” the American economy.

2) President Obama improved both race relations and international relations

These myths are so absurd, and so easily falsifiable, that I’m astonished that President Obama and his Leftist monster racemessaging deputies dare to repeat it. If race relations had improved during the Obama tenure, then any reasonable person would assume that when you ask the American people about the state of race relations, they would confirm this finding. But not only do credible polls fail to find evidence of improved race relations, they find the OPPOSITE to be true; the majority of Americans believe race relations are worse.

On the international front, it’s a hardy challenge to find one corner of the globe where international relationships have improved under President Obama. It’s doubly ironic that our relationship with the Russians — arguably our most critical international relationship in terms of national security — is in tatters.

President Obama laughed off Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign debate when Romney cited Russia as a critical national security concern. Yet the Obama administration now leaves office desperately trying to convince the American people that the “laughable” Russian threat actually tipped the scales of an American election.

So which is it, Barack Obama? Is the Russian threat one big joke (as you implied when you were campaigning), or is it a lethal threat to American democracy (as your administration and your party are now suggesting)?

3) Obamacare fixed the “preexisting condition” problem and provided health insurance for 20 million people

It’s tragic that so many in the mainstream media appear incapable of telling the American people the truth complete-messageabout Obamacare. The ACA’s failures are obvious by using President Obama’s and the Democrats’ very own markers. Their claims about “keeping your plan” and cost-cutting have been shown to be ridiculous. But, not willing to admit failure, the Obama administration and its media allies continue to cherry-pick data and to make outrageous claims about Obamacare.

Obamacare didn’t “fix” the preexisting condition problem by declaring it so; frankly, the president’s health care plan likely worsened it. Having healthcare insurance and having access to healthcare are NOT the same thing. Whether you have a preexisting medical condition or not, you are now living with the exploding costs of healthcare due to massive, Obamacare-induced premium hikes, while also dealing with evaporating insurance plan options and shrinking hospital and doctor networks.

It’s way past time to put these misleading Obama administration myths to bed and to tell the American people the truth.AMEN

It doesn’t do anyone, regardless of the status of their health, any good to have health insurance without access to actual health care. Besides, this problem was already being worked on at the state level, without hiking premiums and destroying our access to doctors.

Regarding the “Obamacare insured 20 million people” myth, this appears to be another fabrication. This figure is based on questionable survey data not actual health insurance industry enrollment statistics. A recent report by The Heritage Foundation’s Edmund Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski — covered by The Daily Signal — showed that the net number of American adults over 26 who have acquired private insurance plans through Obamacare is closer to 2.3 million.

Now, tell me again about how wonderful Obamacare is after upending the entire healthcare industry, hiking premiums, and shrinking access to health care while “insuring” less than 1 percent of the U.S. population.

It’s way past time to put these misleading Obama administration myths to bed and to tell the American people the truth.partyof-deceit-spin-and-lies

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