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waving flagPublished on January 3, 2017

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Hey, little Snowflake, it’s time to put down the protest signs and the crayons. There’s about to be a new Sheriff in town… I know. It’s so hard to be a snowflake with all the microaggressions — like telling you to ‘go to class’, ‘get a job’, and ‘learn life skills’. Well, playtime is over, kiddies. You’ve got to learn to fend for yourself.


Yes, my friends. You will have to pay for your own cell phone bill. You will be expected to show up for things. You will have to move out of your parents’ house.You will have to get a job. You will be expected to learn how to manage your own money. And perhaps do your own laundry and cook a meal or two for yourself.

Yes, it will be hard. But trust me, it’ll be worth it. Because no matter how many participation trophies you have, or how many times you’ve been to ‘Snowflake Rehab’, there’s just nothing like manning up and taking care of yourself.

And when you do it, do us a favor, don’t post it on social media with the hashtag #adulting.

That’s not very adult.

Comments on: "DEAR SNOWFLAKES: Trump’s Going To Take Your Obama Phone And Give You An ALARM Clock!" (1)

  1. It’s about time people stop sleeping and everyone starts working. I’m a millennial and all my friends are idiots. None of them cares about school. Learning. Or just getting far. They all care about getting everything now. People need to stop dreaming and start working. All the millionaires would tell you the same thing. Nobody gave it to them, it was all hard work and effort.


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