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Bride of ISIS: One Young Woman’s Path into Homegrown Terrorism Bride of ISIS: One Young Woman’s Path into Homegrown Terrorism

By Anne Speckhard

Why would a “normal” American teen convert to Islam and then try to join a terrorist organization, and how do terrorists seduce women over the Internet and lure them into traveling thousands of miles to become their wives? Based upon a composite of actual cases and inspired by the true story of Shannon Conley, an American teen from Denver, Colorado who converted to Islam, took the niqab, and who ultimately ended up in the clutches of ISIS, Bride of ISIS follows Sophie Lindsay—another “girl next-door” as she is seduced over the Internet. Written by an internationally respected counter-terrorism expert and Georgetown University adjunct associate professor of psychiatry and security studies.

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M.W. [Re:’Crucifixion, Torture and Forced Conversion by ISIS in Iraq’]: History repeating itself over and over again. This is what happened to the eastern Europeans, Armenians etc on a huge scale.


W.G. [Re:’American Islamist Group Preps for Jihad Against Trump’]: Why the hell are they allowed to set up shop in the first place??




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