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waving flagFriday, September 30, 2016

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The Hyde Amendment Has Saved 2 Million Babies From Abortion, Hillary Clinton Wants to Reverse It
Today marks 40 years since the life-saving Hyde Amendment was first enacted. This annual appropriations amendment stops taxpayer dollars from being used to fund most abortions and abortion coverage through government programs like Medicaid.

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Catholic Priest: “Unless We End the Killing of Children in Abortion Our Nation’s Problems Will Get Worse”
A leading pro-life Catholic priest says the top issue for American voters ought to be abortion and that unless abortion in America ends the nation’s problems will only get worse.

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California Governor Signs Bill to Jail Reporters Who Film Undercover Footage at Planned Parenthood
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed an oppressive, Planned Parenthood-backed bill to stop whistleblowers and journalists from conducting undercover investigations of any “health care providers.”

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Hillary Clinton’s Agenda: Abortion a “Fundamental Human Right” Paid for at Your Expense
On September 30, 1976, a Congress controlled overwhelmingly by Democrats passed legislation that for the first time prohibited federal Medicaid funds from being used to pay for abortion, except in cases in which the mother’s life was in danger.

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Speaker Paul Ryan: Sorry Abortion Activists We Won’t Make Americans Fund Abortions
Leading pro-abortion groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood are out in force today with a social media campaign designed to engenders support for overturning the Hyde Amendment and forcing Americans to fund abortions with their tax dollars.

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Mom Charged With Starving 8-Month-Old Daughter, She Was Only 11 Pounds and Fed Kool-Aid
An Idaho mother faced felony charges this week after she allegedly starved her infant daughter nearly to the point of death.

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Hillary Clinton Vows to Repeal Hyde Amendment and Force Americans to Fund Abortions
Friday marks the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, a widely-supported measure that has saved more than 2 million lives by prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortions in Medicaid.

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New Pro-Life Film “Voiceless” Opens Next Month, Here’s More From the Director and Star of the Movie
Releasing nationwide on October 7, the independent film Voiceless hopes to shift the national conversation around unplanned pregnancies.

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