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29 Oct 2014

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A “sustained cyberattack” has crippled the White House for at least two weeks or longer, reports the Huffington Post.

The Obama White House confirmed that it “identified activity of concern on the unclassified EOP [Executive Office of the President] network.” The Huffington Post cites sources familiar with the situation as saying that this attack was much more significant than usual cyberattacks and was responsible for “putting the system on the fritz for nearly two weeks, if not longer.”

The White House said it was not in a position to offer details.

However, as the Post notes, “Network outages are not uncommon in the White House, but they typically last no more than a few hours. For the system to be damaged for days on end indicates an attack of significant strength.”

The White House cyberattack revelation comes just weeks after President Barack Obama reportedly told wealthy Democratic donors of a “doomsday” scenario wherein “cyber criminals could literally wipe out the identities of millions of people through some breach of government systems and that could lead to massive chaos,” one person with firsthand knowledge of the meeting told Fox Business.

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