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October 26, 2014 By

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The company FCKH8 recently released a video with the intention of showing words that they believe are more offensive than f*ck. To make their point, which was the spreading of inaccurate progressive propaganda, they used girls as young as age 6 and had them say the words f*ck, a$$, and pen*s over and over again. It was a vile video that took advantage of the innocence of youth.

Libertarian Julie Borowski has a brilliant comedic parody response to this ridiculous video. She not only makes fun of it, she completely debunks the propaganda spewed with cold hard facts. In an interview with The Blaze, Borowski said, “I’d love for more people to see a response to the video instead of ‘our side’ just continuing to post the original video.” 

It is a must see video that everyone against the destructive, lie-filled, progressive propaganda.

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