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October 10, 2014 By

ZObamaNobody seems to “buy” the Obama Administration’s lies anymore. Though the leftstream media dutifully reports what they are told by the Obama Administration, it seems that some within the media aren’t convinced that the Obama Administration’s “let’s just hope” policy will be solid enough to help prevent against an Ebola outbreak.
In today’s world, microphones are everywhere. At a recent presser where the Obama Administration eexplained that they had the Ebola crisis under control, a hot mic picked up the conversation of reporters and one very clearly let it be known what he thinks about the Obama Administration’s ability to handle the Ebola crisis:

“We’re screwed.”

After the White House officials leave, a reporter meets with his colleagues by the podium where the mic is still running and they talk about the threat Ebola poses and the Obama Administration’s unwillingness to impose travel restrictions. One turns to another and says, “We’re screwed.” Then he jokes about “feeling flu-ish” and jokingly offers his coworkers a big kiss.
While this is a very serious situation, it’s refreshing to see that the Obama Administration’s lies do not carry the same weight they used to. This administration is both corrupt and incompetent and it’s great that even the Fourth Estate can recognize that fact.

SEE and HEAR for yourself;


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