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pravdaWhere? Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela? Absolutely, AND now right here in the good old U.S of A.!! However, there is a difference! Now we are truly beginning to see that actual, physical ownership of the media is not necessary in order for the Progressive politicians to have control. We have known for well over four years the national media, almost without exception, has been in “bed” with Obama and his agenda of steadily driving this nation into a state of moral, social and economic bankruptcy. However, this past week his absolute control has been cemented and vividly demonstrated when the media immediately and displaying ultimate obedience followed his orders to cease and desist all reporting on the “phony scandals” that has been disrupting his agenda.

His agenda? Of course. He has suddenly decided that his over the top spending programs have not worked as promised because we didn’t spend enough, so the solution is to simply go back to his campaign speeches of the past five years to solve the economic problems. The media loves this rhetoric. It squarely focuses all the blame on those that disagree with his agenda and provides the cover needed to refocus their attacks on the conservative elements of our society.

Never mind that Hillary asked “what difference does it make” how, why or by whom four Americans in the service of our country were murdered. Or who or why the IRS choose to persecute the Obama detractors at a time so politically important to his great nation. Or why the NSA is involved in tracking my phone calls and yours. Or why and how the federal government allowed our own border security enforcement officer to be gunned down by a weapon provided to the enemy by the U.S.. And let’s not forget that Obama and his flunkies decided to make a racial issue out of the Zimmerman case even after the FBI said that was absolutely not so.

All Obama had to do was say “mass media, these are all just false and phony issues stirred up by my political foes so as to divert the attention of congress away from the real issue — the economy — and I hereby order you to cease and desist any airing of these baseless scandals”. In unison we here their response “Yes sir Commandant and Commander in Chief”. No direct control required, just the media’s desperate desire to be at the forefront in leading America into a European style Social Welfare state.

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