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Empty Chair

No spontaneous attack during a demonstration. No demonstration was going on and confirmed today by Reuters News Video released today.
New Political Head of Libya labeled the attack as TERRORIST. President Obama said he was wrong and blamed it on a video.
Embassy security and protection woefully inadequate. WHY???????????
Chants of the attackers were the same as those of the rioters in multiple cites; “Obama, Obama. We are all Osama”.
Chants were heard, “Death to America”. No chants heard, “Death to the film maker.”
There are no reports of a film maker being burned in effigy, but many such burnings of President Obama.
The Obama administration and campaign have changed their explanation of events multiple times in one week.
Is it possible that this was a planned event on 9/11 and in response to “Osama bin Laden is Dead and GM is Alive”?
Could it be the simple answer that The Obama Administration made a terrible mistake by not listening to warnings coming from their own resources?
Could it be that they simply did not handle the situation correctly?
Could it be that the Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy has made the War on Terror worse?
Could it be that President Obama’s apology tour in 2009 emboldened our enemy knowing we had a President that would make excuses for them and not hold them accountable for their terrorist actions?
Could it be that President Obama is more pro-Islam and will not do, or say, anything that makes Islam look bad?
Could it be that we are looking at horrific compromises and the rise of Sharia Law in a Second President Obama term?
Why should we expect anything else?

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