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More bad news today for the economy today. No matter how the Left tries to spin the news, the facts keep getting in the way. Therefore, they have pulled out their old-faithful weapons of discussion warfare;

  1. Do not let any opposition speak. Drown out any prospective that does not agree with the Left. Over-talk anyone in order to out get all the “talking-Points”.
  2. Blame, Blame, Blame the Right. Make everything that is bad their fault.
  3. Bring up President Bush ’43 as the fall guy for the failing of the economic disasters we are facing now.
  4. Deny everything anyone of the Left has said, claiming they are being misrepresented, or that they “misspoke”. 

Those the Left have sent out to the talk shows are well prepared to push the talking points no matter the question. A great example is what happened on Fox News Sunday. Mike Wallace tried to get a speak writer for President Obama to agree that President Obama needed to appoint a Special Prosecutor in the “fast and Furious” case like President Bush did with the Valerie Plame case. He was out right rude with Mike and refused to answer the question and went right back to his talking points. 

The Left has reached the point that they are going to stand by their rhetoric no matter the facts, no matter the reaction of the electorate and no matter the truth. All they are really doing is proving more and more that they cannot be trusted in anything they say.

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  2. […] New Democracy 29.94% 130 seats; Syriza 26.68% 71  seats; Pasok 12.44% 33  seats; Independent Greeks 7.47% 20  seats; Golden Dawn 6.92% 18; Democratic Left 6.13% 16  ; KKE 4.49% 12  seats The amazing thing I have found following this story is that in Euro dependent countries the spin on this story is all positive Greece will stay in the Euro and all is well. Reporters outside the Euro-zone are painting a much bleaker picture. Lets watch this closely over the next few days and weeks. The Unmentioned Debt CAN’T BE TRUSTED […]


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