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EXCLUSIVE: Ambassador John Bolton: Obama has Gone Schizophrenic when it Comes to Foreign Policy


September 12, 2014 By

ZBoltonImperial Islamic President ObamaOn Friday, TPNN’s Tim Constantine spoke with former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton about President Obama’s foreign policy or, more specifically, his lack thereof. 
The always-candid Bolton explained that not only is President Obama wrong on the issue of ISIS and the threat they pose to the United States, but that his entire foreign policy is predicated upon Obama’s lack of belief in America’s right to serve as a superpower. 

“I think this is where the president’s ideology comes into play. He believes that the United States has historically been too strong, too assertive, too demanding, too intrusive- in fact, over the years, too successful and that the world will be a safer and more secure place if the united Stated is less pushy.

 He said a couple weeks ago, and it caused quite a stir, something he had said in his State of the Union message in January. He said long-term deployment of American troops can contribute to extremism, which is the word he uses for ‘terrorism’ because he often doesn’t like to use that.

 Now, let’s examine that for a minute: he’s saying that American troops being deployed overseas causes terrorism. So, in his view, obviously, if you have fewer troops, there will be less terrorism. I think that’s like looking at the world through the wrong end of a telescope and it’s historically false. How many terrorists did our long-term deployment inspire in Germany? South Korea? In Japan? But that’s the president’s view. But now, confronted with the awful possibility of having to deploy American troops in Iraq, he’s deploying a few, but they’re not boots on the ground, the Secretary of State says that it’s not war, they call it ‘counterterrorism,’ even though ISIS… is deploying conventional military forces and that’s how they defeated the Iraqi army near Mosul. And it’s a very different circumstance than the kind of counterterrorism we’ve seen before.  

I think the president has gone beyond schizophrenic… multiple personalities, that’s what he’s got going on inside his head.” 

Ambassador Bolton continued to shred President Obama and his flailing, panicky grip on foreign policy issues. Click below for the rest of the segment:bolton
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