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Watch: Black Lives Matter Protestors Storm Peaceful Church, Clash With Parishioners

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Koletas denounced the officer that killed, has been charged with, the murder of George Floyd however, has also been critical of rioters claiming the violence is caused by “a bunch of savages who have let their sins run rampant.”

Video shows that protestors stormed the church and chanted “Black Lives Matter” in the sanctuary. As they left they surrounded the outside of the church and began to create scuffles with parishioners trying to keep them out. Police did respond, there were no reported arrests.

Parishioners trying to enter the church…

The attack on the church comes just a couple of weeks after BLM activist Sean King called for images of white Jesus to be destroyed.

According to a local New York paper the Times Union, the pastor is considered alt-right because he spoke against those that engaged in violent riots, was having a gun giveaway, and made the churches motto “Where the Spirit of the Lord lives, there is liberty.”


Times Union 

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