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More Political Listening Guidelines

Just in case you just arrived here from Mars (or other planetary locations), you will need some guidance on how to listen to the political garbage that is on every media type, and will be getting more intense. Of course, I am not writing to those ideologues that represent 40% of both political parties. I’m writing to the 20% free thinking, “No-Koolaid-Drinking”,  human beings that actually think for themselves, and then come to a conclusion to act upon.

Have you noticed people around you trying to have a discussion about anything, and you can’t understand what they are saying because they are talking over one another. Neither actually care what they other is saying, they just want those listening to only hear what they want you to hear. RUDE. You might be thinking, “How did our society ever get this rude?”

Answer?; Listen to any cable political show where pundits are trying to have a discussion. Generally speaking, the person(s) yelling the loudest, trying to drown out their opponents voice, are those that do not want anyone to hear their opponent’s side. Some truth might actually be spoken. Can’t have that. Civil people are those that are secure in their place. They are supported by facts that can be verified. Those that are doing the yelling are usually those that throw out percentages and numbers they can never support, and are never challenged to prove. Maybe someone could invent a button for our television that when pressed would force those speaking to present actual proof, supporting their claims.

Remember, just because someone makes a claim that sounds good, doesn’t mean they are correct. In ancient Middle East was a group of people known as the Berean’s. They where will known for NOT taking anything that someone claimed as fact until they checked it out completely. That is what we need to become. Hopefully, we can start dwindling the two ideology sides, a little at a time, to start doing the same thing.

Imaging. A Society that actually makes its politicians prove what they say.

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