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This America-Hating Communist Revolutionary Speaks at Public University; But Condi Rice Gets Banned?

May 15, 2014 By

Nehanda Imara of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party

“Capitalism is a failed system. Would you agree?” Nehanda Imara, of the exclusionary All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, reads to students at Portland State University on May 10.

“Yes!” agreed the audience, obviously full of progressive useful idiots and dupes. “Alright, I’m in good company,” gleefully chuckled the anti-American communist Imara.

“Capitalism is an evil system,” Imara begins the meat of her anti-freedom rant. “Capitalism is the root of all  evils. It is built on unjust racist, classist, sexist system off of 400 years of illegal [ineligible] slavery of African people.”

“It is militaristic terrorism on steroids,” Imara, says about economic freedom. while referring to herself as not American, but as “African or Pan-African.”

Note to Ms. Imara: Slavery unfortunately existed for thousands of years before the United States even existed, even pre-existing the birth of Christ. The United States didn’t invent slavery. But we did end it in our country and lost approximately 500,000 lives or so doing it. Slavery hasn’t existed in the United States since 1865, when the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States was passed, formally outlawing the evil practice, Ms. Imara.

Where slavery does exist today, Ms. Imara, are in the Marxist “Utopias” you wish to fundamentally transform the United States into, where citizens are subjects and legal slaves to an all-powerful, all-controlling tyrannical government.

Watch this America-hating, Marxist revolutionary below if you can stand to. Then ask yourself what is this country coming to, when an admitted enemy of the U.S. Constitution is invited to speak at a public university, Portland State, in order to poison the brains of America’s next generation, but yet Condoleezza Rice is banned from speaking at Rutgers?!



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