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Ted Cruz calls for American energy independence in proposed legislation

Reported by SAMUEL MANGOLD-LENETT | March 06, 2022


Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to restore American energy independence as the global energy sector experiences ongoing difficulties in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Fox Business reported that Cruz announced the “Energy Freedom Act” in a Friday press release that he also used to criticize President Joe Biden for allowing America to fall behind on its ability to export fuel. Cruz said that the Biden administration has caused America to lose its “status as a net petroleum exporter.”

In the press release, Cruz said, “These policies have poured billions of dollars into countries such as Russia and Iran, which use those funds to attack our allies and undermine the national security of America.”

“President Biden has imposed more restrictions on U.S. oil companies than he has on Russian oil,” Cruz said, “With Iran, he has looked the other way as the regime busted through sanctions and raised their exports to more than one million barrels per day for the first time in almost three years.”

Cruz said that should his legislation pass, it would provide an economic boon for the country while enabling the United States to reduce trade with countries it hopes to punish on the international stage. Cruz said that his bill is focused on “[reversing] Biden’s actions so we can restore American energy independence” and that it “won’t cost taxpayers a dime” While creating “Billions in revenue in the coming years’ For the United States by expediting permitting, leasing, safe new pipelines, and exports, and providing much needed regulatory certainty.”

He said, “It would create new jobs, lower energy costs, and because modern energy production in the United States is far cleaner than in any other country by every measure, it would help the environment. The Energy Freedom Act would put a stop to the Biden administration’s sabotage of the American energy industry, and Congress should take it up without delay.”

Cruz also recently amplified statements made by tech CEO Elon Musk calling for American energy independence. Musk took to Twitter and said, “Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil [and] gas output immediately. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.”

Responding emphatically, Cruz said that he “couldn’t agree more.”

Some of the Biden administration’s first actions in office were to restrict American oil drilling. Upon entering the White House, Biden revoked the Keystone XL pipeline’s permit to transport fossil fuels and moved to prevent the issuing of new leases to drill for oil and gas on federal lands. These steps considerably reduced the amount of energy being domestically produced and has led to American leadership considering the purchase of oil from hostile nations like Iran.

‘Aren’t We Financing the War?’: Fox News Reporter Confronts Jen Psaki on US Oil Policy

Reported by BRYAN BABB, CONTRIBUTOR | March 03, 2022


Screenshot/YouTube/Forbes Breaking News

Fox News’s Jacqui Heinrich grilled White House press secretary Jen Psaki on the state of domestic energy production, leading to a terse exchange between the two at a press briefing on Thursday.


Heinrich asked Psaki if there was anything President Joe Biden’s administration was capable of doing that would get domestic oil providers “back to pre-pandemic levels.”

“Do you think the oil companies don’t have enough money to drill on the places that have been pre-approved?” Psaki responded.

“I’m just asking,” Heinrich replied.

“I would point that question to them, and we can talk about it more tomorrow when you learn more,” Psaki said.

Heinrich continued to press Psaki, bringing up the possibility of opening the Keystone XL Pipeline, as well as asking if the Biden administration could attempt more “energy-friendly policies.”

Psaki responded by saying that Keystone “has never been operational,” and that it would “take years for that to have any impact.” Psaki continued, stating that opening Keystone is a “proposed solution” that would have “no impact.”

“During those years it would take to bring down prices as you’re saying,” Heinrich said, “Do you think we should just continued to buy Russian oil?” (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Echoes Republicans’ Calls For Russian Oil Import Ban)

Psaki replied, stating that Heinrich was “familiar with a number of steps we have taken,” including a “historic release from the strategic petroleum reserve.” When Heinrich attempted to interject, Psaki told her to “let me finish.”

Psaki continued, saying the U.S. and Europe should, over time, focus on reducing its “reliance on oil” and invest in “clean energy.”

“As long as we’re buying Russian oil, aren’t we financing the war?” Heinrich asked.

Psaki said that the oil from Russia was “only about 10% of what we’re importing,” and that any move the Biden administration makes is designed to have the maximum impact on Russian President Vladimir Putin and minimum impact on Americans.


Reported by Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk, January 7th, 2016, Overpasses For America, VIA CNS NEWS

HOUSTON (AP) — The Canadian company that proposed the Keystone XL oil pipeline filed a lawsuit over the U.S. government’s rejection of the project and announced it plans to file a second legal challenge that will seek more than $15 billion in damages.

TransCanada filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday in Houston alleging President Barack Obama’s decision in November to kill the pipeline exceeded his power under the U.S. Constitution.

The company also announced the same day that it will submit a separate petition seeking the billions in damages, alleging the U.S. breached its obligations under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

In November, Obama quashed the pipeline, declaring it would have undercut U.S. efforts to clinch a global climate change deal at the center of his environmental legacy. The president said he agreed with a State Department conclusion that Keystone wouldn’t advance U.S. national interests.

“TransCanada has been unjustly deprived of the value of its multi-billion dollar investment by the U.S. Administration’s action,” TransCanada said in a statement. “As the administration candidly admitted, its decision was not based on the merits of the project. Rather, the denial was a symbolic gesture based on speculation about the (false) perceptions of the international community regarding the administration’s leadership on climate change.”Ponzi Scheme

In its lawsuit, TransCanada alleges Obama’s decision exceeded his powers as president and infringed upon Congress’ power under the Constitution to regulate interstate and international commerce.


The White House and the State Department both declined to comment on the lawsuit or the NAFTA challenge.

The lawsuit does not seek any monetary damages but asks for a ruling that the denial of the pipeline permit was without legal merit and that the federal government officials named in the lawsuit not be allowed to enforce Obama’s decision to not proceed with the pipeline.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are: Secretary of State John Kerry; U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch; Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson; and Secretary of the Department of Interior Sally Jewell.

TransCanada said it plans to submit a separate petition that alleges the U.S. breached four articles under NAFTA — which governs trade between the U.S., Canada and Mexico — that provide financial protections for all Canadian investors.

“The denial was based on politics, not the merits of the application,” attorneys for TransCanada said in a notice they filed with the State Department on Wednesday that the company will submit a claim of arbitration under NAFTA and ask for more than $15 billion in damages.

TransCanada first applied for Keystone permits in September 2008 — shortly before Obama was elected. As envisioned, Keystone would snake from Canada’s tar sands through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, then connect with existing pipelines to carry more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day to specialized refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Most pipelines wait roughly a year and a half for permits to cross the U.S. border, but Keystone’s review dragged on more than five times as long as average, according to an Associated Press analysis.

Republicans, Canadian politicians and the energy industry argued the pipeline would create thousands of jobs and inject billions into the economy. But Democrats and environmental groups latched onto Keystone as just the type of project that must be phased out if the world is to seriously combat climate change.hysteria


Associated Press reporter Josh Lederman contributed to this report from Washington, D.C.

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We Are All Californians Now

waving flagBy Victor Davis Hanson · Jul. 2, 2015; © 2015 TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, LLC. Submitted by John Smith of Apple Valley, California

California keeps reminding us what has gone astray with America in recent years.

The state is in the midst of a crippling four-year-old drought.  Yet California has built almost no major northern or central mountain reservoirs since the New Melones Dam of 1979.  That added nearly 3 million acre-feet to the state’s storage reserves — a critical project that was almost canceled by endless environmental lawsuits and protests. Although California has almost doubled in population since the dam’s construction, its politicians apparently decided that completing more northern and Sierra Nevada water projects was passé.  So the parched state now prays for rain and snow rather than building reservoirs to ensure that the next drought won’t shut down the state.More Evidence
Curiously, once infrastructure projects such as the New Melones Dam are finished, few seem to complain about the life-saving water they provide the public in times of existential drought.  California has taught the nation its unique hypocrisy.  We have stopped the Keystone pipeline for now, but if it gets built eventually, few consumers will complain that it transfers oil at a cheap cost and with greater safety.
California has also schooled the nation on mutually exclusively goals.  Its lax immigration policies have made for a rapidly expanding population, and yet it expects a sophisticated infrastructure that ensures plentiful, clean water — and dreams of a pristine, green, 19th century paradise in a depopulated state.
California’s major north-south highway laterals — the 99, 101 and I-5 “freeways” — often descend into deadly traffic quagmires.  They were designed for a state of less than 20 million people, not one of more than 40 million. Recent national surveys have rated the state’s road system as nearly last in the nation.
Most forget that California once all but invented the modern idea of a freeway.  But instead of first ensuring motorists safe three-lane freeways, the state is embarking on a $68 billion high-speed rail project.Picture1
More EvidenceCalifornians excel at these postmodern solutions even as they ignore premodern problems.  What advantage is providing free iPads for California students if their basic reading and analytical skills are declining to below pre-Internet levels?  California is busy mandating transgendered restrooms but is lax in guaranteeing that there will be water in their sinks and toilets.Picture2
In good California style, Houston-based NASA talks grandly about its new 21st century space agendas, forgetting that it cannot even send its present astronauts into space on an American rocket.  Just because a prior generation built the powerful and sophisticated Saturn rockets does not mean that its more sophisticated children can send Americans into space without Russian help.
Government agencies such as the IRS, VA, GSA and NSA are bigger, richer and more self-promoting than ever before.  But their huge budgets hardly ensure that they can
  • fairly collect taxes,
  • humanely tend to the needs of veterans,
  • professionally monitor government property,
  • or properly collect and distill intelligence.
Giant Government Compliance Officer
The once-vaunted California State University system now struggles with incoming students who are ill-prepared for college courses.  More than a third do not meet English or math test entry requirements for college work and need remedial courses, which in turn reduces the availability of advanced classes and resources from the traditional university curricula.
Much of the crisis originates from poor preparation in grade schools and high schools, combined with huge influxes of non-English-speaking immigrants.  In the past, the melting pot of English immersion, assimilation, integration and intermarriage had best helped immigrants quickly reach parity with the native population, but that old model has since been rejected.cause of death

The United States likewise has all but ended enforcement of its immigration laws — as if the idea of open borders and cultural diversity are proper objectives without preplanning for the ensuing education, housing, transportation, health and legal challenges.  Praising “diversity” in the abstract proves to be of little value unless in the concrete people are willing to open their neighborhoods and schools to mentor the millions of impoverished newcomers in their midst.

California taught the nation that taxes can skyrocket — the state has the highest basket of income, sales and gasoline taxes in the nation — even as infrastructure, government services and schools erode.  It established the national precedent of opposing new infrastructure projects and then enjoying them once the planners and builders who were criticized finished them.  California equated a Silicon Valley smartphone in the hand with knowledge in the head — and the nation at large soon produced the most electronically wired and least knowledgeable generation in memory.
We are all Californians now.
Leftist Giant called Tyranny reduced to tears freedom combo 2

Keystone Pipeline Passes US House, 252 – 161

Daniel DohertyDaniel Doherty | Nov 14, 2014

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As expected, the US House of Representatives voted on and passed legislation today approving the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is the ninth time they have done so:

The House on Friday voted 252 to 161 to approve a bill that would direct the federal government to move forward on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, ahead of a vote scheduled for Tuesday in the Senate that could send the measure to President Obama’s desk.There is little chance that the votes will clear the way to construction of the long-fought, long-delayed pipeline, which would carry petroleum from the Canadian oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries. In the Senate, where Democrats have a majority until the Republicans take over in January, it is unlikely, though not impossible, that the bill would attract 60 votes, enough to avoid a filibuster. But even if the bill does clear the Senate, Mr. Obama has signaled that he will probably veto it.

com 01

In other words, the bill is probably going nowhere — at least not right now. Today’s vote was largely agreed upon by both parties for political reasons. Nevertheless, the Senate will debate and vote on the House-passed legislation next Tuesday. (Republicans reportedly already have “58 of the 60 votes they would need” to assure passage). Will they get there?

Imperial President ObamaMaybe, but it might not matter in the end; the president isn’t ready to act just yet:

At a press conference in Myanmar on Friday, Obama reaffirmed his argument that the Keystone XL decision should be made only after the State Department has completed its review. “I’ve been clear in the past,” said Obama, according to The Hill. “My position hasn’t changed, that this is a process that is supposed to be followed.”com 02Obama said that part of that process will include determining “whether or not [the pipeline] accelerates climate change,” and also seemed to express frustration about having to “constantly push back against this idea that somehow the Keystone pipeline is either this massive jobs bill for the United States or is somehow lowering gas prices.”com 03

That ruling will be handed down sometime in January, thus the safe bet is that the lame duck Congress will not resolve this issue.cropped-freedom-is-not-dictator-friendly.png

I’ll leave you with this press release. It was issued by Speaker John Boehner’s office after the bill cleared the House:

Thousands more Americans would be working today if President Obama had put their priorities ahead of his political interests and approved the Keystone pipeline. Instead, he continues to block the project, and the new jobs, lower costs, and increased energy security it would provide. The House has voted numerous times to end the Obama administration’s needless delays, only to see those bills blocked by the outgoing Democratic majority in the Senate. The president doesn’t have any more elections to win, and he has no other excuse for standing in the way. It’s time he start listening to the vast majority of Americans who support Keystone and help get more people back to work.”All Have Nots



Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon


No Keystone Pipeline



Dupe and Chains

Article collective closing

Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon


The White House is still lying about the Keystone Pipeline

Here’s the White House Chief of Staff on NBC’s Meet the Press last Sunday lying is arse off about the President’s position on the Keystone Pipeline. See interview here;

Let’s be clear about one thing.

This particular fact holds true whether you are in favor of or you are opposed to building the Keystone Pipeline. The oil that is being extracted from the Canadian tar sands that would be moved in the Keystone Pipeline will be refined and used whether the pipeline is built or not. If we don’t build the Pipeline and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, the Canadians will sell it to the Chinese.

Building or not building the pipeline will have about zero net impact on “greenhouse gas emissions”.

That said, let’s take a look at what happened last week. It’s important to remember that President Obama has been kicking this can down the street for the last five years and he still doesn’t seem poised to make a decision. He charged the State Department with producing an environmental impact statement – the pipeline crosses our northern border so State gets their two cents in – about the impact of the pipeline. That report was issued last week.

WASHINGTON — The State Department released a report on Friday concluding that the Keystone XL pipeline would not substantially worsen carbon pollution, leaving an opening for President Obama to approve the politically divisive project.

The department’s long-awaited environmental impact statement appears to indicate that the project could pass the criteria Mr. Obama set forth in a speech last summer when he said he would approve the 1,700-mile pipeline if it would not “significantly exacerbate” the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. Although the pipeline would carry 830,000 barrels of oil a day from Canada to the Gulf Coast, the report appears to indicate that if it were not built, carbon-heavy oil would still be extracted at the same rate from pristine Alberta forest and transported to refineries by rail instead.

OK, so the State Department’s study meets the President’s criteria for moving ahead with construction of the pipeline. But of course, you know that’s not the whole story as far as this administration goes.

The report sets up a difficult decision for Secretary of State John Kerry, who now must make a recommendation on the international project to Mr. Obama.

Wait a minute. Out here in the real world, a “difficult decision” is one that you have to make with incomplete or questionable information. That’s not the case here. It’s also not the first environmental impact statement that has said “no harm, no foul”, it’s at least the third. So, what could be hard about the decision?

Mr. Kerry, who hopes to make action on climate change a key part of his legacy, has never publicly offered his personal views on the pipeline. Aides said Mr. Kerry was preparing to “dive into” the 11-volume report and would give high priority to the issue of global warming in making the decision. His aides offered no timetable. [/quote_box_center]

Oh, we understand now. It’s a political decision. Without regard to what the White House’ CoS has to say. How do we know that? Well, for starters, Ken Salazar, the President’s former Secretary of the Interior, had this to say.

President Obama’s former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar says he thinks the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada should be built, calling it a “win-win” project despite the objections of environmentalists.

“At the end of the day, we are going to be consuming that oil,” Salazar told the conference. “So is it better for us to get the oil from our good neighbor from the north, or to be bringing it from some place in the Middle East?”

And then there’s former Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu. Here’s what he had to say.

Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Monday the decision to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline is a political one, and not one founded in science.


“I don’t have a position on whether the Keystone pipeline should be built. That is for the secretary of State and the president. But I will say that the decision on whether the construction should happen was a political one and not a scientific one,” Chu said.

We think that’s pretty clear. Obviously, the White House is lying about Keystone.

Again. And among lots of other things.

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