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Location and Timing of President Trump’s Speech Today in Washington DC
Posted by Joe Hoft
President Trump announced he will be speaking at 11am Eastern near the Ellipse: I will be speaking at the SAVE AMERICA RALLY tomorrow on the… Read more…

BREAKING: Patriots Are INSIDE NANCY PELOSI’S OFFICE — Emails Open on Screen
Posted by Cassandra Fairbanks
Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer has tweeted a photo from inside Nancy Pelosi’s office where emails were left open on the computer screen as staff… Read more…

Chinese American Alliance For Trump Shows Up To “March To Save America”
Posted by ProTrumpNews Staff
Wow. The Chinese American Alliance for Trump showed up to today’s “March To Save America” rally. The Chinese American Alliance for Trump is out at… Read more…

What You Can Do to Stop the Steal
Posted by Larry Johnson
The frustration and anger you feel is appropriate and righteous. There is still time to make your voice heard. Go to this link and you… Read more…

Rebel News Reporter at Capitol Mass Civil Disobedience: ‘I Just Watched a Man Who Appeared to Be Dead Rushed Out of Crowd’
Posted by Cassandra Fairbanks
Chaos has erupted at the Capitol as Trump supporters are working to storm the building and clashing with DC police. Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte… Read more…

Right Side Broadcasting Network Will Be Live Streaming Today’s Events – TRUMP SPEAKING NOW
Posted by Joe Hoft
Right Side Broadcasting is live streaming today’s events in Washington DC. RSB has three teams at today’s events in Washington DC.  One of their… Read more…

BREAKING: SHOTS FIRED IN CHAMBER — Woman Taken Out on Stretcher Covered in Blood (VIDEO)
Posted by Cassandra Fairbanks
Shots have been fired in the US Senate chamber during an armed standoff between police and patriots attempting to breach the room, according to reports…. Read more…

The Next 24 Hours May Be the Most Important in US History – Will The US Remain Free Or Fall to Corruption and Communism? Soon We Will Know
Posted by Joe Hoft
One of the greatest 24 hour periods in US history has arrived. The United States, born in 1776, is now 245 years old.  In over… Read more…

Hundreds of Thousands of Patriots Cheer ‘Fight For Trump’ – Americans Want Justice and Freedom
Posted by Joe Hoft
The crowd is approaching a million but the media refuses to share the crowd size. The crowd is there for President Trump and America.  They… Read more…

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Islamists Promise ‘Kuffar Blood’ Will Spill at Phoenix ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest

by AWR Hawkins29 May 2015

GP shows screenshots of various tweets from @DAWLATNAH–some with an ISIS flag avatar and others with an Islamic cleric avatar. One tweet, sent May 28 at 10:14 pm from an account that has since been suspended, says, “WARNING IF U LOVE UR CHILDREN DONT BRING THEM IN THE EVENT TODAY THE WILL SPLIT OF BLOOD IN THE EVENT OF MUHAMMAD SAW DRAWINGS.”

Another tweet that was sent on May 28 from an acount that has also been suspended says, “WHO EVER LOVE HER OR HIS CHILD DONT TAKE THEM IN THE EVENT WE PROMISE U WE WILL DRINK UR BLOOD.”

A separate Twitter account named Shariah Will Rule tweeted, “If an attack happens at that contest and loads of people die you brought upon yourselves, I won’t care in the slightest.” And from that same account: “You stupid kuffar clearly did not take from the Charlie Hebdo attacks. You guys are truly deaf, dumb & blind.”free speech

Rally organizer Jon Ritzheimer’s home address has been published and his family threatened.


Follow AWR Hawkins on Twitter @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at


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