Have you ever been stranded in a blizzard in your vehicle out in the middle of nowhere? Did you ever wonder during that time, that you were alone and stranded by yourself, that something bad would happen and you just prayed that you would be okay until morning? And what if you woke up that next morning after being stranded alone, and discovered someone or something at your window or car door? Would you open your window or door to a stranger in the middle of nowhere? Read more to find out why THIS has gone viral.


H/T Liftable:

Canadian winters can be harsh. Motorists can easily find themselves stranded on roadways, because of heavy snow and icy conditions. That’s exactly what happened to semi-truck driver Peter Douglas. The Winnipeg driver was captured by highway cameras after getting stuck on Highway 10, South of Brandon. Looking at the footage, it’s easy to see why; conditions were fierce. He was forced to sleep in his cab overnight, hoping the weather would clear up by next morning. Instead, he woke up to find someone quite surprising knocking on his door.

Eighteen-year-old Eileen Eagle Bears was watching the traffic cams with her mother, when they spotted the stranded truck driver just over 3 miles from their home. She told herself if he was still there when she looked again in the morning, she wanted to help. The next morning, Douglas was still stuck, so the teen got her horse, Mr. Smudge, and headed Douglas’ direction. The trip would be roughly one hour in the cold.

“There was a lot of ice on the road from the rain that we had got and drifts were bad in a few places,” Eagle Bears told CBC News.

Imagine Douglas’ surprise when he awoke to see a young woman, her horse, and a thermos filled with hot coffee outside his window. A gesture those same highway cameras caught on video.

“She had to walk that horse half a mile up that hill and half a mile down because it was so icy. Blew me away,” said Douglas to CTV News. “She said she saw me on the camera. Her and her family were watching.” 

Douglas was so grateful for her kind gesture, and she promised him that if he were still stuck there later in the day, she would return with a hot meal. “He was just really glad that someone knew that he was there and that someone cared,” said Eagle Bears.

She did, in fact, return later that evening with another thermos. This time it was filled with stew and potatoes. She also brought him water.

“I thought he would be getting pretty hungry, and that’s not a good feeling, I just put on extra clothes and did what I promised I would,” Eagle Bears stated. What an amazing young woman!

I’d have to agree! What an AMAZING young woman with an unbelievable, kind and warm heart! It looks like others agree too, because since hearing about her heroic story, Eagle Bears has been inundated with support and appreciation from strangers everywhere. If you’ve ever been stranded, like Peter Douglas, you know what it’s like to feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere by yourself. However, if you were lucky enough to have had a good, kind Samaritan, like Eagle Bears help you while you were stranded, you also know how AWESOME that felt. It truly warms your heart and I’m sure her food was pretty wonderful too!

How many 18-year-olds do you know who would do this in today’s society? Unfortunately, not too many.