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BOOM: Muslim Int’l Student CUTS THROAT of Coed – HERO Steps In And Kicks His ASS!

waving flagPublished on October 7, 2016

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Masculine strength — when paired with an instinct to protect — is a beautiful thing. Ladies, take note. And tell your women’s studies profs that THIS is why we don’t want to demonize masculinity.

There will ALWAYS be a certain number evil people in this world who want to dominate others. But when the good guys don’t have their masculinity trained out of them, they can put these evil people in their place.

A Canadian boy is a hero after he stopped a Saudi student at the University of British Columbia from murdering a female victim with a knife.

Engineering student Adam Casey saved the day by putting the Saudi in a headlock. According to CTV, Casey ran up the stairs when people came out of the Salish House residence on Tuesday looking for help. The victim’s neck was partially cut when witnesses ran through the open door.

“I tried to get his hands off of her neck but he was holding quite tightly,” Casey said. “I had to go to him and put him in a chokehold.”

When police arrived on the scene, Thamer Hameed Almestadi was detained by Casey and other students. 

Court records show counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon have been approved against the 18-year-old Saudi. Police say the attack was not random and that the suspect knew the victim.

Almestadi has been banned from the campus following the charges, and remains in police custody.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover from non-life-threatening injuries.Do you want

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Remember how ISIS called for knife attacks just a couple of days before the attack? What a ‘strange coincidence’, right?Islam is NOT

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