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By: DAVE URBANSKI | January 05, 2023


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Jordan Peterson has been ordered by a Canadian psychology governing body to enter what Peterson called a “re-education” program reportedly over his past comments and speech that “may cause harm.” Not surprisingly, Peterson said Wednesday he “formally indicated” his “refusal to comply” with the demands of the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Peterson posted to Twitter parts of a document from the College of Psychologists of Ontario that outlined its concern over his “public statements made on social media and during a January 25, 2022, podcast appearance” that “may have lacked professionalism.

The document indicates that Peterson is to work with another professional to “review, reflect on, and ameliorate [his] professionalism in public statements” and complete a “Coaching Program.”

Peterson’s stated refusal to comply could result in discipline for professional misconduct, according the document’s language.

According to a Wall Street Journal op-ed, the College of Psychologists of Ontario last March appointed an investigator to examine complaints about Peterson’s Twitter comments as well as things he said on a Joe Rogan podcast.

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The Journal — citing images provided by Peterson — said the College’s panel in November ruled that “the comments at issue appear to undermine the public trust in the profession as a whole and raise questions about your ability to carry out your responsibilities as a psychologist.”

More from the Journal:

What are these comments? Calling Elliot Page, the transgender actor, by his former name, “Ellen,” and the pronoun “her,” on Twitter. Calling an adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “prik.” A sarcastic crack at antigrowth environmentalists for not caring that their energy policies lead to more deaths of poor Third World children.

Calling a former client “vindictive.” Objecting to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover of a plus-size model: “Sorry. Not Beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.” In Canada even offenses begin with “sorry.”

The Journal added that the panel found “the impact risk in this case is significant” since Peterson’s comments “may cause harm” — and decided that coaching Peterson would help “mitigate any risks to the public.”

The College of Psychologists of Ontario declined to comment on the case, citing confidentiality, the Journal reported.

“Who exactly was harmed, how, when, to what degree, and how was that harm measured?” Peterson asked, according the the Journal.

Peterson also posted a Twitter thread telling the College of Psychologists of Ontario that he’s “making what is happening public. If the public believes I’m guilty then I will take the required course of communication and then resign.”

He added to the College that if its “allegations … are revealed publicly to be both baseless and politically motivated then a public apology and the resignation of everyone involved in the process on your side is appropriate.”

“Let the games begin,” he tweeted.

Peterson also appeared to take a page from Twitter owner Elon Musk’s playbook, setting up a poll so the public can weigh in and side with Peterson or with the College.

Twitter reinstated Peterson to the platform in November. He had been banned in July for “hateful conduct” regarding tweets mentioning Page.


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