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Written by Staff Writer | October 23, 2020

Outside of the torched remains of Minnesota’s Twin Cities area, a liberal stronghold, Democrats are starting to panic.

The 36-year Delaware senator and former Vice President took a trip after to Duluth Minnesota to visit Hermantown’s Jerry Alander Carpenter Training Center. This was his first trip to Minnesota, which is already a warning sign to Democrats. Minnesota is usually a lock for Democrats and Biden’s appearance reveals cracks in the damn.

When Biden arrived he was greeted by at least 300 Trump supporters organized by the RNC. Democrats only mustered about half of that and many of the people that showed up didn’t know each other or had signs.

Democrat Tommy Moe told the Washington Examiner that Trump has a very real chance of winning the state this time. Moe, 65, said that he knows a lot of union workers that have an “affinity” for Trump because of his stance on China.

“We didn’t have a very good turnout,” he said. “If the Democrats don’t get their act together and start getting as fired up as the Republican side is … we need a turnout. Democrats win if they turn out.”

Lynn Welshinger, 72, Biden supporter, agreed the Democrats failed to organize anything for Biden’s trip six weeks outside Election Day.

“But I know Biden wants to keep everybody safe. That’s why he’s doing this kind of thing and not having big venues,” the Duluth retiree said.

“We’re just hoping that Biden will beat him. Who knows? People aren’t going to believe it if he does, and then, they’re going to take to the street with their guns if Trump loses,” she added. “He doesn’t care if we go into a civil war. It’s scary.”

Poor Lynn, she is drinking the liberal kool-aid.

Eric Ostermeier, who curates the Minnesota Historical election Archive said Biden has a rough road ahead of him. He explained that if Biden wants to win Minnesota Duluth and Hermantown’s St. Louis county is important.

“It is the sixth most populous county, and Trump won only 39.7% of the vote there in 2016 — his fourth-worst showing among the state’s 87 counties,” Ostermeier said.

In 2016 St. Louis County only had 70.8% turn out, compared to an 81.1% turn out in Minneapolis.

“So, Biden will be looking to create more enthusiasm in St. Louis County, and this northern region where there are perhaps more votes to be found than some of the metro area counties where turnout was exceedingly high,” Ostermeier said.

Ostermeier is claiming that (in his opinion) Trump’s strategy is a “long-shot.”

“In short, part of Trump’s strategy is to cobble together enough votes by boosting turnout in a lot of these more rural counties in Greater Minnesota,” Ostermeier said. “This is a bit of a long-shot strategy, however, as Biden likely has greater appeal in these regions than Clinton and can at least blunt the decline in support Democrats have endured there, if not reverse it in some areas.”

If this was 2016 Ostermeier could be right however, this is 2020. Radical leftists just burned down a city in their state. Joe can spend money in Minnesota on ads claiming unions love him however, his record on China has been exposed.

Actions speak louder than words, the fact that Biden is “campaigning” in Minnesota and spending money says a lot.

This isn’t 2016 and the Democrat’s are starting to panic.

Washington Examiner 

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