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Written by Staff Writer | October 15, 2020

Vice President Joe Biden was a hot mess during a town hall hosted by ABC and not even George Stephanopoulos could save him.

Biden flipped and flopped like a fish.

During the town hall, George Stephanopoulos did push Biden a bit over the issue of packing the Supreme Court. Biden claimed that he is opposed to court-packing but is open to it. Stephanopoulos actually gave Biden a way out of the question. He first read a quote from Biden during the Democrat primary when Biden denounced court-packing. Stephanopoulos then asked if the situation around the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett change your mind? The easy answer would have been yes but, not Joe Biden, here’s what happened…

Biden was a confused mess when asked if he supported the Green New Deal and fracking. When told that Union Boilermakers don’t buy his claim he won’t ban fracking Biden. Biden merely said, “the Boilermakers support me.” When pressed if he was for it or against, he never gave a true answer.


Fact check Joe, not true! The Boilermakers support President Trump.


I save the best for last.

When asked about police violence Biden said police should try shooting dangerous criminals “in the leg.”


During President Trump’s dueling town hall on NBC, President Trump stayed strong. Savannah Guthrie tried to ambush President Trump but, he was having none of it.


Trump seemed to be a little disappointed with Guthrie’s ambush.


Trump was very strong during his town hall and note the woman over his left your right shoulder.


Trump also hammered Pelosi.


Biden’s town hall was a mess he looked weak and flip-flopped like a fish. Meanwhile, President Trump stood up to Guthrie’s ambush was strong.

Comments on: "Town Hall Mahyem: Biden Flip Flops Like A Fish Not Even ABC’s Stephanopoulos Could Save Him (VIDEO)" (1)

  1. blobear69 said:

    He definitely Hammered Pelosi. The Lady in back was like the Cherry on Top


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