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Reported By Jim Hoft | Published September 7, 2020 at 11:15am

On Thursday The Atlantic posted a ridiculous hit piece on President Trump on his support for the military. The BS hit piece comes as President Trump continues to surge in the polls following the RNC convention and continued leftist riots across the country.

The fake news media immediately began running with the unconfirmed and ridiculous rumors nonstop over the weekend. The DNC and liberal operatives started running ads the very next morning. Joe Biden had a statement to read off his teleprompter following The Atlantic’s release of the story.

And the liberal media started running images of — This guy… Bobby Henline, a four-tour Iraqi War veteran, burn survivor and motivational speaker.

Democrats used Bobby’s image to push their false narrative against President Trump. Bobby Henline then spoke out against the use of his image to attack President Trump without his permission.

Bobby Henline: “I don’t know what Real Donald Trump said, but I am sure he didn’t call me a loser. I didn’t hear him call me a loser, so this has got to stop. Stop using my image. FOX News call me, somebody.”

Bobby posted this on TikTok:

And Bobby’s friend Topher backed him up. Occupy Democrats and the liberal media is using his image to trash President Trump in one of their disgusting smears.
Bobby wants it to stop.

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