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Written by Staff Writer | August 12, 2020

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NBC/Telemundo Senior Washington DC Correspondent Cristina Rooney slipped during an appearance with Chuck Todd and said Biden has a “problem.”

Rooney admitted that Biden has a “Latinos problem” and that Cubans, Venezuelan’s, and immigrants from Central America are worried about a Biden ticket. Immigrants told Rooney that they feel Biden would be a return to the socialism they fled.

There’s just one problem, Democrats as a whole have been losing the Latinos vote.

Kristian Ramos who was the former spokesman for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus during the Obama administration has warned Democrats that Latino support for President Trump is very real. Ramos has tried to explain to Democrats that President Trump’s support in the Latino community is over 30%. Ramos has warned that if President Trump gets 34% of the Hispanic vote he is almost a shoe-in to win a second term.

“Democrats lost the 2016 election with about 66 percent of the Latino vote. Today 65 percent of registered Latino voters who are Democrats have a positive view of the party’s presidential candidates. Based on exit polling from the past three election cycles, I estimate that Democrats need about 70 percent of this vote to take back the White House,” he wrote in the Atlantic.

Ramos writes that the reason why Latinos support President Trump is that they believe he will help them financially support their family.

“Being able to provide for one’s family is one of the main reasons many people—from any country—immigrate to the United States, so the fact that Trump’s rhetoric on a growing economy has found an audience is not surprising. In Florida, for example, a poll by Equis Research showed that 57 percent of Latinos supported the way the president handled the economy. If you look at only Cuban voters from the state, that number jumps to 71 percent.”

MSNBC won’t tell you this but Biden also has another issue, the State of Minnesota; it’s now in play. An Emerson College poll found that President Trump is within 3 points of Biden in the upcoming election. Which really means President Trump probably has a 5 point lead on Biden.

Biden is in trouble.

The Atlantic

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