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The National Museum of African American History & Culture, a publicly-funded project of the Smithsonian, is issuing propaganda demonizing concepts like hard work, individualism, Christianity, politeness, reliance on the scientific method, and property rights as constructs of whiteness.

In addition to that graphic, the Smithsonian has an entire page devoted to Marxist propaganda about the evils of whiteness and how it must be combated in society.

“The belief of white superiority has been part of the United States since its inception. The white European imperialists who settled here believed they were inherently superior to nonwhite groups,” the Smithsonian writes on their anti-white propaganda page.

“Direct and violent forms of racism that promote white supremacy have been on the rise in recent years. These acts are more directly linked to white nationalism,” they add – providing no evidence to back their claim.

In addition, the Smithsonian promotes propaganda around the term of “white fragility,” which was concocted by marxists to shame white people who do not accept the hostile propaganda demonizing them as racists because of the color of their skin.

“Dr. Robin DiAngelo coined the term white fragility to describe these feelings as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.” Since white people “live in a social environment that insulates them from race-based stress,” whites are rarely challenged and have less of a tolerance to race-based stress,” they write.

Big League Politics has reported on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s take down of DiAngelo’s insulting and demeaning propaganda tome:

Fox News Tucker Carlson delivered a thorough critique of Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” exposing the author’s reactionary bigotry, dishonesty, and hypocrisy.

Tucker exposed DiAngelo’s pseudointellectual psychoanalysis, rebuking her claims that that racism pervades everyday elements of American life in an all-powerful fashion.

Let’s see- how would you like it if someone called you a wife-beater? Or a child molestor? You probably wouldn’t like it very much- in fact you could lose your job and your friends for that. You might feel pretty threatened by that accusation. ‘A-ha!’ Says Robin DiAngelo. That means you’re guilty of racism! Feeling threatened is definitive proof that you’re a racist. You’re defensive- you’ve got white fragility. Hence the title of the book. By the way, if you’re not threatened when someone publicly denounces you as a racist, that is also proof that you’re a racist. Either way my friend, you’re a racist.

The real point of her book is to defeat and demoralize you.

Carlson pointed out the author’s sly alignment with corporate American’s profit-friendly interests, alluding to passages where DiAngelo accuses critics of wealth inequality in America of a recurring theme-racism.

Virtually every institutional power sector throughout American society is promoting a blatantly anti-white agenda. The next step is genocide.

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