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Written by Staff Writer – June 1, 2020

Cassandra Fairbanks is conservative journalists for The Gateway Pundit and on Sunday night Antifa sent a hit squad to her home after her address was posted online. Fairbanks said that she has been receiving hundreds of death threats the past three days.

In a long twitter thread, she explains that she caught the tail end because she was on an active line with 911. According to Fairbanks, 911 told her they didn’t know when they could get the police to her home because of the protests meanwhile, Antifa was banging on her windows and shooting off fireworks into her home. When Police arrived they found 60 tubes of fireworks, her neighbors also told police what happened.

Fairbanks who was home with only her 9-year-old daughter said that she didn’t see much because she was armed hiding with her daughter trying to stay safe; she was ready to protect herself.

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