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April 14, 2020

I usually dislike people that say, “I told you so” because I already know their correct and I made a bad choice to do something else, or accept something else. Try as I might, I hold back doing the same. Please forgive me, but at this point I can’t hold back.

Going all the way back to the beginning of the Obama administration, I have been sounding the alarm that his “executive orders” had NO WEIGHT OF LAW. An executive order is nothing more than the executive writing a memo saying how they want certain established policies executed. NOTHING MORE.

So many of President Obama’s executive orders were carried out as if they were law. That included all the orders he wrote concerning illegal aliens, especially the children. NO LAW TO ENFORCE. NO WEIGHT OF LAW TO ENFORCE. Any new President can simply wipe them all away with a pen stroke.

As these governors and mayors began issuing their “orders”, I told everyone they had no weight of law. They are no different than the “executive orders” of a president. Instructions, desires, NOTHING MORE. I’ve implored all those around me not to take such “orders” as anything more than what any mayor or governor gives to their populace when a storm is about to hit and they “order” people to evacuate. The ones choosing not to are NOT law breakers. Stupid yes. Not law breakers.

Since Sunday, Constitutional experts have been asked about these “orders”, especially as they relate to ordering people they can’t go to Church, and those who have already been arrested or ticketed. 100% I’ve read, or heard so far has agreed. NO WEIGHT OF LAW. No governor’s or mayor’s “orders” can ever supersede the Constitution. NONE.

Just before Resurrection Sunday (Easter), I had a conversation with my pastor outside my home. He was here dropping off Communion elements for Good Friday Services via YOUTUBE. After sharing with him what I just explained above, he said he didn’t want to “chance” it that I was wrong.

I went on to explain that when political types are given a little power, they develop a thirst for more. Some develop a craving for absolute power (absolute power corrupts absolutely). I explained that I was very suspicious of Mayor Garcetti (Los Angeles) and Governor Newsome (California) (both extreme liberals) because I could see them using this COVID-19 virus as excuses to withhold our Constitutional liberties. Why? Because history has proved that whenever you give leftist politicians power, they never want to give it up.

Fear has always been the tactic of tyrants to control their populace. Painting a desperate situation about this virus, they convinced Americans to “self-quarantine”. Now, some majors and governors have converted that into “house arrest” with threats of ticketing and arrest. Our Civil Rights have been trampled upon and it will take courts to release them. This is NOT what our founders had in mind.

Yes, this virus has been awful. Yes, where it wasn’t handled correctly, more people died than otherwise. Did our governments overreact? Yes. How much will be determined after many investigations, especially all the “padded” deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Once again, we find ourselves in a historical moment of having to fight for our rights all over again. I’ve been warning of a “civil war” I can see on the near horizon. I hope this time I can’t say, “I told you so”.

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