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Written by Staff Writer – March 29, 2020

ABC News/Washington Post released a poll on Sunday and none of it is good news for Joe Biden…None of it. Also, since this poll is being conducted by ABC and WashPo I would bet it’s even worse then they are reporting.

Biden has the lowest enthusiasm support on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in the last 20 years, Biden has just 24%. Meanwhile, at least 53% (you know it’s more than that) of President Trump’s supporters are highly enthusiastic about his re-election (try at least 80%).

One bombshell in this report is that ABC News is stating that 15% of those that supported Senator Bernie Sanders will vote for President Donald Trump.

ABC News tried to sound the alarm:

The Democrats’ biggest risk is under the surface, in Trump’s big advantage in backers who are “very” enthusiastic about supporting him. Strong enthusiasm for a candidate can help boost turnout on Election Day, a must-have particularly for Democrats, who rely more on motivating less-frequent voters to come to the polls.

While trailing Trump by 29 points in high-level enthusiasm, Biden makes up some of the difference with those who are “somewhat” enthusiastic. But he still trails Trump by 12 points in the combined measure, 74 vs. 86%.

Hidden three-quarters of the way down the article is the real bunker buster:

Even among those who support Biden for the nomination, his very enthusiastic support against Trump is just 39% (with an additional 50% somewhat enthusiastic). That’s dwarfed by strong enthusiasm for Trump among his supporters, including a peak of 81% among strong conservatives and broad majorities of Republicans, seniors and rural residents.

ABC News also pointed out in their poll that three other candidates experienced close to the same poor numbers Clinton, Romney, and McCain. Considering all three of those candidates lost in the general election it appears that Biden worst fears are coming true.

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