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Reported By Jim Hoft | Published March 27, 2020 at 9:11am

Really, What is going on? The data just don’t add up.

Via the CDC – there were 490,000 hospitalizations during the 2018-2019 flu season.

And yet the media want you to believe the US will run out of hospital beds during the coronavirus.  This is not likely.

The data to date show that most individuals with the coronavirus suffer from very mild conditions.  The panic-driven Washington Post even reported that 82% of these individuals with the coronavirus suffer from mild conditions.

Assuming the remaining require hospitalization (which is unlikely but conservative), then only 15,300 people currently require hospitalizations across the US.  Of course this too is conservative because many of these cases in the US are already recovered and the individuals no longer suffer from the virus from China.

So the lefties Mainstream Media (MSM) want us to believe that hospital beds will be overwhelmed by the coronavirus by 15,000 patients (at most to date) but a year ago the US hospitals were not overwhelmed by 500,000 flu patients.

Other numbers from the media were based on the Imperial College report that warned that 2 million Americans and half a million British citizens would die from the coronavirus this year.

Yesterday they backtracked on their study and now claim only 20,000 in Britain will succumb to the coronavirus. Great Britain has 29,000 flu deaths a year on average.  So now they are saying the coronavirus is less deadly than a typical flu virus.

None of this passes the smell test.

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