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Written by Staff Writer for | March 10, 2020

A group of Bernie Sanders supporters just unleashed a devastating new video about Joe Biden’s medical issues that are going to haunt him the rest of the campaign.

Dr. Jill Stein who is a fervent Sanders supporter released a video on Tuesday that starts with at the time Vice President Biden debating Rep. Paul Ryan during a 2012 debate. The stats Biden was spewing were lies but, he was commanding and articulate. Next, the video shows the numerous gaffes Biden has made during the current Democrat primary.

Stein wrote, “Many who remember Biden in 2012 debates are shocked to see current videos of him rambling, incoherent, hostile, or confused. He’s in no state to debate Trump. Painful to see – but we ignore it at our peril. Retweet to break through the media coverup. #BidensCognitiveDecline

The Biden campaign is scrambling to find a way to stop the mistakes and they have come up with a plan, no speeches over 15 minutes. In St. Louis Biden only spoke seven minutes, then in Kansa City he finished up in 12 minutes and he still managed to screw that one up. 

On Sunday while speaking at the New Hope Baptist Church for 14 minutes, he attacked Mississippi’s former governor for not accepting Medicare-for-all – which is a policy Biden is against and his competitor Bernie Sanders is for.

The Biden campaign will not talk about the greater strategy and how they will deal with President Trump if he is the nominee. President Trump often speaks up to and over 90 minutes and doesn’t use a teleprompter. You would never see President Trump do something like this. 

Candidates attacked Senator Sanders over his heart attack but he is doing three public events a day and speaking for about an hour.

The Biden campaign is trying to play the game hide your candidate but, in the event, he goes up against President Trump he’s not going to be able to hide.

The Washington Post

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