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Imagine going into your local polling location to vote for Donald Trump and the other Republicans on your ballot only to find out that those in charge weren’t going to let you do that.

It sounds like the ultimate example of fascism, but that’s exactly what happened in Starr County, Texas on Tuesday.

A family was told that they were not allowed to vote Republican at their polling place and that if they wanted to vote Republican that they needed to go elsewhere.

According to South Texas Republican,

Starr County, Texas, including the cities of Rio Grande City and Roma in south Texas along the Texas/Mexico border, is refusing to allow Republicans to vote at polling places, and even trying to give them a Democrat Ballot to vote with instead!
I was contacted by a Hispanic family trying to vote in Rio Grande City, TX late last week. Four different family members had gone to vote at their polling places.
They unfortunately found that the county elections administration has not even supplied polling places with Republican ballots.
The only place that someone can vote Republican is at the County Courthouse, instead of all the polling places where the County supplies democrat ballots for voting.
It gets worse. When these Republican voters went to vote at their polling place and asked for a Republican ballot, they were not told to go to the County Courthouse, but rather they were given a Democrat ballot and told just to vote with the Democrat ballot and the election officials told them all that Trump and everyone else will be on the November ballot.

This is just one more attempt by the Democrats to try and rig the election once again.

In my opinion, this is something that the state and federal governments should look into because we can’t allow this kind of cheating to happen in November.

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