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Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. 


exaggeration · overstatement · magnification · amplification · embroidery · embellishment · overplaying · excess · overkill · purple prose · puffery

Abundantly used by politicians since a politician was created. It is especially used when cameras are rolling and they know their “hyperbole” will be heard by constituents, and anyone else they might be able to sway to their distorted view.

When does “hyperbole” become slander?

When does “hyperbole” become lies?

When does “hyperbole” become PROPAGANDA?

No where do we see this more clearly than The House Managers, especially Chairman Schiff. In fact, it’s rare when he does NOT speak in “hyperbole”.

It’s no secret to any casual watcher of this impeachment trial, that the Leftist are wallowing in “hyperbole”. Each speech, each presentation, is replete with “hyperbole”. Knowing they have a national audience, their determination to paint President Trump in the most extreme way is palpable. It’s all about the 2020 vote, and nothing else.

Let’s look at another definition:

quid pro quo

[ˌkwid ˌprō ˈkwō]


A favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.

Synonyms: exchange · trade · trade-off · swap · switch · barter · substitute · substitution · reciprocity · reciprocation · return · payment

As I said earlier in the week, we will never know how extensively every President has used quid pro quo in dealing with multiple nationals heads of state. Yes, the Leftist know it; Yes the Leftist knows it will continue to be used; Yes, the Leftist know no one will stop it from happening. So, why aren’t the RINO’s calling forcing the issue and just settle the issue that it has always been the practice of any government in dealing with any other government?

Back to “hyperbole”. This morning Chairman Schiff actually accused President Trump of “utter destruction of Congress”. Let that swirl around in your mind for a minute. “Hyperbole”????????

When you talk with your Leftist friends; co-workers; in-laws; outlaws; neighbors; et., al., be patient with those that can’t see the “hyperbole”. Gently let them know that “hyperbole” is not, nor can it ever be, fact(s).

Yes, the Leftist hates President Trump. Why? I only have guesses like anyone else;

  • He’s not a politician. Therefore he doesn’t talk the talk?
  • His form of “hyperbole” is directed at them, and exposes their frailties and failures?
  • He was abundantly successful as a businessman, all without their help?
  • He’s an “outsider”?
  • He gets the job done?
  • He can get jobs done quicker, without bureaucracy, under budget, and far greater quality?
  • He talks plainly without “political speak”?
  • He can’t be bought?
  • Most of the electorate love him?
  • He can’t be controlled by Congress?
  • He’s right?

Your guesses are as good as mine, and any other attempts at supposition. All I can see so far is that these Leftist are more determined than ever to rid America of anyone in their way to drag this country, kicking and screaming, into the depths of socialism. They are most angry that the path has been interrupted by this man they cannot tolerate.

That brings me to these thoughts:

  • Will there be a civil war, started by Antifa, if President Trump is not impeached?
  • If not, will there be civil war should President Trump be re-elected?
  • Is it possible that the Leftist has so divided this nation that America will never be the same?
  • Other than a truly God-inspired revival, is there any way to save our country?

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