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My Own Two Cents

Here’s a thought for you. Listening to these “Democrat Congressional Impeachment Managers”, do you get the distinct impression that they are NOT talking to the Senate Lawmakers (jurors), but in fact they are talking to the CAMERAS?????????

Just think about it;

  • They have 72 hours of captive television audience.
  • They have 72 hours of FREE television airtime.
  • They have repeated themselves endlessly.
  • Schiff made the statement, “We must remove this president now because we can’t trust the ballot box results to be fair.” (I admit that statement may not be word for word correct. Please confirm the statement). Chairman Schiff has made similar statements, as well as other democrats, that they cannot trust America’s voters to get President Trump out of office.
  • Could the draining of the SWAMP getting the Leftist panicking that four more years of Trump could seriously damage, and set back, their determination to drag America into outright socialism?

Think about it, please.


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