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Written by | September 10, 2019

Jerry Nadler at news conference / Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg | Getty Images

Monday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin berated House Judiciary Committee Democrats for moving forward on an unauthorized impeachment probe of President Donald Trump and thereby setting a precedent to similarly attack future administrations.

During the second hour of the program, Levin discussed the Judiciary Committee’s upcoming Thursday vote on procedures to further formalize the panel’s ongoing probe into whether or not to recommend articles of impeachment against President Trump.


“The adoption of these additional procedures is the next step in that process and will help ensure our impeachment hearings are informative to Congress and the public, while providing the President with the ability to respond to evidence presented against him,” committee chair Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said in a statement.

However, Levin pointed out that the committee still hasn’t been authorized or instructed by the House to conduct a formal impeachment inquiry.

“The panel doesn’t impeach president Trump; the House impeaches him,” Levin said. “And the House should be taking a vote and giving specific orders to the House Judiciary Committee, but notice that’s not what’s happening.”

That point has also been made by top committee Republican Doug Collins, Ga., who accused committee Democrats of “trying to pull a fast one on Americans” by trying to make their impeachment efforts look more official than they actually are.

“They know they don’t have the votes for the whole House to impeach,” the ranking member tweeted, “so they’re trying to adopt committee rules to govern an ‘impeachment investigation’ the House hasn’t even authorized.”
“Is that in the Constitution?” Levin asked, “To hold a mock impeachment inquiry? Hoping you can get enough information that the press will lead the way and push the agenda?”
“I want to warn these Democrats: You have opened Pandora’s box,” Levin concluded, “because the next time a Democrat is elected president of the United States, you’ve created a precedent” to seek out politically motivated impeachment.

Author: Nate Madden

Nate Madden is BlazeTV’s congressional correspondent. Follow him @NateOnTheHill or send tips to

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