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Written by K. Walker on June 10, 2019

Imagine that your fear of climate catastrophe is so crippling that you decide not to reproduce.

Some people will say, “Good! Don’t reproduce and self-select your crazy @$$ out of the gene pool!”
AOC mentioned in one of her livestream cooking videos that it’s a growing phenomenon amongst climate activists that are considering not having children because of their fear for the future.

But, let’s examine what exactly these folks are doing.

Blythe Pepino is a British woman who started the #BirthStrike movement. She makes it clear that she’s not like the climate change activists that are advocating that other people should not have children or should have fewer children, but rather, this movement is made up of people that are choosing to not bring children into a world that is heading towards a climate apocalypse. It’s similar to the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement in that way.

Some, however, argue the exact opposite saying that having children may be the way to solve the problem. That theory is that the more people there are, the more ideas to combat the problem there are.

Members of Pepino’s BirthStrike movement aren’t that hopeful, however. Some seem downright depressed about the coming climate apocalypse. Although the movement appears to be small right now — about 330 people, about 80% of which are women — it is growing. Once they go down this road, it’s very difficult to turn back.

Pepino, a 33-year old musician, said that she founded the movement out of her concern for the coming “ecological Armageddon” that would result in food insecurity, wildfires, droughts, and extreme weather. Although she does want to have children, and she loves her partner, but she doesn’t think that this is a time that she can do that.

“You are gambling with someone else’s life,” said Cody Harrison, a 29-year-old who recently joined the group. “If things don’t go well, that human is not going to have a very good life.”

“When climate change gets worse, it multiplies other things. It’s like dominoes that are falling,”said Lori Day, another member of BirthStrike. “It goes beyond sea level rise and storms. It affects food production, migration, resources and war.”
Source: CNN

These BirthStrikers believe that human extinction is possible as a result of climate change, so they have decided to be proactive on the extinction front.

The TL;DR is this: THEY BELIEVE IN POPULATION CONTROL. Only self-selective population control. It’s like the idea of “Democraticsocialism.

The thing that they’re not getting is that their ideology may very well die with them.

But according to experts who spoke to CNN, BirthStrike and its fellow anti-child organizations may not be doing as much for the environment as they believe they are, because it’s not necessarily how many people the Earth holds that makes the difference in whether climate activists will make — it’s how much those people consume. Those who do not reproduce also run the risk of their ideology dying with them.

In other words, voluntary extinction is its own form of social Darwinism, and the leftists who embrace it are actually doing themselves a disservice by ending their own lines.

Source: Daily Wire

As an interesting aside, take note of this woman’s name — her first name, Blythe, literally means “carefree” and her last name, Pepino, is Spanish for cucumber. (Thank you, VeggieTales.) She could be “cool as a cucumber” and “carefree,” but instead, she’s so terrified of an “Ecopocalypse” that she’s decided to end her family line voluntarily.

A more accurate name for this chick would be “Blythe Ring Idiot,” amirite?


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